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Bleu Hanger provides personal styling with a dose of encouragement for an uplifting shopping experience.

Meldora Milon was experiencing a tough season of life when she decided to open Bleu Hanger. She needed an outlet and quickly realized that on her worst days, she loved to visit boutiques and look at the gorgeous clothes. A hairstylist and salon owner for over twenty years, Mel had a natural knack for uplifting words and the personal touch that now defines her boutique’s appeal. When it came time to name her new business, she chose Bleu Hanger to signal how you can turn around your blues and make something beautiful out of them. 

Mel has always been a fashionista at heart. She knows that often, dressing in a pretty dress or looking at stunning aesthetics provides a fabulous pick-me-up. Bleu Hanger strives to uplift the women who shop there while offering timeless pieces with showstopping qualities. There is personality to every piece, and the curation focuses more on quality than trends. Mel runs the boutique alongside her oldest daughter, Taj, who assists a lot with the buying. This process ensures their products are selected based on both of their perspectives, respectively forty-five and twenty-three years of age, which brings an exciting edge.

This attention to detail makes Bleu Hanger stand out, and you will always receive honest feedback and tailored recommendations. Their team goes the extra mile to get to know each customer so they can take into consideration every person’s unique personality. Ultimately, Bleu Hanger seeks to make women feel good in the skin they’re in. In the words of Mel, “Your purpose needs to go further than getting wealth. Life is about pouring out.” 

Bleu Hanger empowers its shoppers with encouraging words, kind styling, and genuine warmth. Shop outfits that stand out and elevate your style in this beautifully safe space.

Olive Branch Wellness increases community awareness with sustainable, plant-based, and always clean beauty products.

Olive Branch Wellness began with a batch of homemade soap. Ty Jenkins was tirelessly searching for a formula that wouldn’t activate her husband’s eczema after he continually experienced outbreaks from store-bought soaps. She mixed formula after formula until she reached the ideal recipe, and a lightbulb went off.

Dedicated to sharing her sustainability and non-toxic beauty expertise, Jenkins searched for the perfect place to house her discoveries. She likes to say, “Decatur chose me,” and the acquisition of her storefront happened serendipitously. Her store brings something special to downtown Decatur, especially the refill stations and reuse jars (glass, of course!) which minimize environmental impact. The DIY beauty stations offer plant-based ingredients that keep clientele coming back for more.

Three customer-favorite products in particular always get rave reviews! First are the famous soaps that come in a customized box with four handpicked varieties. Next up, the shower steamers. These glass jars hold a mixture of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils and serve to decongest and awaken. Finally, the lotion lantern is a super cool innovation. It’s a massive candle with one pound of product that you can use as body butter or warm oil.

One of their most exciting offerings is the Mud Masks and Mimosas networking event for Decatur residents that fosters community connections. Every person creates their face mask, applies it, and then mingles. Jenkins has seen how the mud masks bring everyone’s walls down, opening the space for vulnerable conversations. It’s a fun and laid-back experience where music plays while mimosas flow. These events are open to the public and are also available for private events such as birthday parties and bridal showers. 

Beauty and self-care go hand-in-hand, and how you treat yourself shows up in tangible ways. Olive Branch Wellness seeks to extend the feeling of self-care confidence through its customized, knowledge-based skincare.

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