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Busyness and Balance: Liz Giorgi's Top Tips for Productivity

CEO & Co-Founder of Soona, Elizabeth (Liz) Giorgi’s Productivity Tips Have Been Instrumental in Fueling Her Success

Liz is a passionate and determined media entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about the business world. The saying, “The apple doesn't fall far from the tree,” rings true for her. Growing up in Minnesota, her grandfather owned a canoe outfitter where they took people on canoe expeditions in the summer, and in the winter, they sold Christmas trees. “As charming and adorable as it sounds, I was in a great place to learn about business. I learned the importance of having a community around your business, and how to create a relationship with your employees.” 

Although she grew up in a business-savvy environment, it took a while for her to realize entrepreneurship was her calling. Liz initially set her sights on broadcast journalism but fell more in love with the technical aspects of production. 

Out of inspiration and admiration for her grandfather, she launched her first company, Mighteor, right after his passing in 2013. “I went back home for his funeral in Minnesota and was completely floored that the church was overflowing with his customers and previous employees. It was a really important message for me because I was reminded that there is something valuable about being an entrepreneur.”

At present, she’s now the CEO and Co-founder of Soona, a company focused on making quality content accessible to brands of all sizes. Through all her busyness, her greatest passion remains promoting gender equity in venture finance. She is the creator of the Candor Clause, an open source legal agreement to promote gender equity in venture financing. Liz wields her entrepreneurial endeavors to advocate for women.

At first introduction to Liz, we at Cherry Creek Lifestyle were impressed with her productivity. Her days are chock-full of busyness, yet she maintains her creativity and continually gains inspiration. So, whether you are an entrepreneur or need a little more structure in your life, these are Liz’s top ways to maximize productivity:


Take time every day to do something creative. Pick a pen and doodle, grab your camera and capture a beautiful scenery or read a book. Step away from work and create.   

Take a walk without headphones

See what fresh ideas come to mind with no distractions. Without external noises filling your mind, you will find the answers to questions you have, or problems become far less complicated.  

If you are struggling with a task, ask for help

This opens the door to collaborative work, and problems are solved quicker. Teamwork is a huge productivity hack.