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Buzz-worthy Brew and Community, Too

Branch Hill Coffee Co. Reborn and Ready to Serve

Article by Bill Furbee

Photography by Matthew J Capps Business Image Services

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

“I was raised in a household that encouraged dreaming big, and putting it all on the line for those dreams,” says Joey Burns. After graduating from Miami University last year, Joey bought Branch Hill Coffee Co.—on his 24th birthday, no less—and is proud to now oversee operations for this long-time community mainstay.

“It had always been my dream to own a restaurant,” he says. So, when a chance to purchase Branch Hill Coffee came up, gears started turning. Just a few steps from the Little Miami River and Scenic Trail, it was a perfect fit. “A couple months later,” Joey says, “I was signing the contract.”

If that sounds too-good-to-true for a recent grad, Joey’s backstory includes a lion’s share of hard work, smart investments and even smarter savings. “My dad always stressed that if a person had the opportunity to really make something, it will be the most rewarding opportunity of your life—now I’m following in his footsteps.”  

Joey adds that dedicated patrons have already provided a great deal of support and wishes for success. “I’m still young and have a lot to learn about the business,” he admits, pointing out Branch Hill’s previous owners, Tom and Andrea of The European Cafe. “Their guidance has been invaluable. Everyone was happy that Branch Hill Coffee would have a new life.”

Joey’s fresh perspective on business ownership, combined with his passion for healthy food and ingredients, quickly translated to a reenergized menu at Branch Hill Coffee Co.

The shop specializes, of course, in fresh cups of heavenly, warm, caffeinated goodness—and that won’t change. Those organic beans are sourced from Cincinnati’s Seven Hills Coffee Roasters, which roasts its product to perfection—even developing an exclusive Branch Hill house blend. Branch Hill also offers customers a dark roast, a Highlander grog, and a decadent toasted marshmallow roast daily, while rotating two other flavored coffees on a weekly basis.

Joey proudly details a recent tour of Seven Hills’ roasting facility, to witness firsthand their state-of-the-art roaster and an inventory of beans from all over the world. “They explained the complexity of oils in the beans, and how different roasting methods, temperatures and time can produce different characteristics in the coffee.” Even better? Seven Hills also offered training to ensure that Branch Hill employees were experts at producing perfect espresso-based drinks.

But that’s not all—Branch Hill’s food menu has been re-energized, as well. Now, patrons can enjoy an even healthier selection of meals and on-the-go snacks.

“I’m passionate about healthy eating and nutrition,” Joey says, “and I always wanted to share that passion …it’s food, as nature intended!”

Meats and cheeses are supplied by well-known specialist Boar’s Head, and a number of irresistible treats are prepared and baked in-house, from scratch. There’s more—Branch Hill’s bakery selection is being expanded to include vegan and gluten-free alternatives, and local microgreen provider Queen City Sprouts provides a nutrient-packed crunch to many items on the menu.

Bonus: all menu items are available for dine-in or patio service, at a drive-up or walk-up window and as catering, too. Beans to go? Branch Hill’s got you covered there, as well.

If you ask Joey, it all comes back to recognizing a new responsibility on his shoulders—to usher in a new era for Branch Hill Coffee Co., and to enable his friends and neighbors to thrive.

“We brightened the place up … with new floors, new furniture, books—there’s a vintage kind of vibe now,” Joey says, pointing out that many visitors even take pictures of the decor to share. Coming this spring, you’ll also see changes to the outside of the building as Joey plans to add a community garden. But what makes all the difference, he’s found, is Branch Hill’s enduring community support.

“This is my life now,” Joey smiles. “Our motto is, ‘Our everyday grind gets you through your everyday grind.’ We’re serving up the coffee that energizes people to get through their own daily grind.” Now that’s a perfect cup o’ joe. | 371 Bridge St, Loveland | 513.774.7774

I was raised in a household that encouraged dreaming big, and putting it all on the line for those dreams.

Our motto is, ‘Our everyday grind gets you through your everyday grind.’

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