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Students Learn Skill Building and Self-Confidence at Mathnasium Learning Center

Article by Elizabeth A. Lowry

Photography by Elizabeth A. Lowry

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

You know from the moment you walk through the glass doors of Bob Johnson’s Mathnasium learning center that you’ll walk out having learned something. From the math-related illustrations on the walls to the quotes from students and mathematicians, anywhere you look, you can’t help but feel the love for learning.  

It’s this philosophy that guides not only Mathnasiums across the country but also the one right here in town.

“That’s our purpose. To help unlock and release each student’s passion for learning.” –Bob Johnson

Bob says the key to Mathnasium’s process is to recognize that each student has a different skill set, to teach to that student’s level—and then build on it. Every child is first assessed to identify any skill gaps, deficiencies or weaknesses that exist within prerequisite skills and required knowledge. Once these areas are identified, the system delivers a custom curriculum that allows Bob and his staff to attack those missing pieces by discovering what the student never learned to begin with. Once the student masters a skill, he or she can move up to the next level, and so on.

Christiana Paguirigan’s daughter, Olivia, was an honors student in other subjects but struggled with math. By the end of fourth grade, her self-confidence plummeted, and she felt she couldn’t do it anymore.

“I knew that she needed more remediation than she was getting at school,” Christiana says.

When Olivia started at Mathnasium, she tested in the “limited” category at the end of the 2017 school year. One year later, she had moved up to “proficient.” 

“She views [math] as a challenge, and it has really helped with her overall confidence,” Christiana says. “I love how they help the children at their level ... they make it fun, they build self-confidence ... they teach them to make real-world connections.”

Lisa Williams started taking her son Ben to Mathnasium as a supplementary program because she saw how well the program worked for her other two boys.

“Bob was able to move him on so he could test in a way that wasn’t so anxiety-driven. He doesn’t get stuck,” Lisa says. “As [my boys] developed one skill, it made learning all the other skills easier, so they weren’t spending as long in the program as they were before.”

No appointment is necessary, and one single, monthly fee gets you unlimited sessions. Parents receive monthly progress reports, and each student’s individual pages of completed curriculum are saved and available for inspection by parents.

“The Mathnasium Method allows for enrolled students to be continually assessed as they progress through their learning plans ... to measure and document increasing skill and knowledge levels,” Bob adds.  

10673 Loveland-Madeira Road, Loveland