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Dr. Kristin Titko was voted Best Medical Specialist for the 2020 West Chester + Liberty Lifestyle Readers’ Choice Awards. This was her fourth consecutive year receiving this prestigious award.

“I’m honored and humbled to have such wonderful support from the community,” said Dr. Titko. “When I entered the field of podiatry it was my wish to learn all that I could about foot health and how to achieve it for every person who brought foot and ankle concerns to my office. Initially, I was trained on all aspects of foot and ankle surgery, but over the years I have kept up to date with the latest, most up-to-date technology on improving foot and ankle health. Frequently this means keeping people out of the operating room but achieving the same or even better results with faster healing and stronger outcomes. Now I can address heel pain, tendonitis, toenail pain, diabetic foot issues, skin conditions, and so much more with quicker treatment plans and proven outcomes. Technology has brought us a long way in podiatric medicine and I have been thrilled to stay up to date in order to offer the variety of treatments we can today."

Dr. Titko has been in practice for 26 years, with six years in Liberty Township. The practice treats all foot and ankle conditions, including tendinitis, sports injuries, heel pain, arthritis and diabetic foot. They also offer laser, platelet therapy, regenerative cell technology, joint lubrication and dermal fillers for optimal results in less time. Patients turn to the Center for Foot Care for all of their podiatry needs.

“It’s my hope to be able to continue providing best treatment protocols to achieve healthier outcomes which allow athletes to enjoy their sport of choice, to help seniors remain more active, to help those in pain achieve comfort and to keep foot and ankle pain from limiting ones ability to live the fullest life they desire,” said Dr. Titko.

Congratulations, Dr. Titko, on receiving this award for the fourth consecutive year! 

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