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The Nutrition Shack


Article by Britney Newman

Photography by Britney Newman

Most of you see my check-ins at the Nutrition Shack quite frequently. It is a Black-owned business, owned by James Donald. This location was opened April 2019.

Now I have tried getting the same products at other locations and this is my favorite and outranks the others. I rank this location with 5 stars. I love the interior decorating and the vibe at this location. They provide healthy shakes that are meal replacers, energy teas, protein donuts, protein coffee and athlete meals.

Every shake on the menu is 250 calories or less, 24 protein 18 grams of carbs, 8-10 grams of sugar also vitamins are included. This is a combination of meal replacement and and take a multi-vitamin. That’s so awesome.

Teas are naturally caffeinated from herbal tea and there is no sugar. They have a very wide variety of flavors. White sneakers is the owner’s favorite shake and cool cucumber is his favorite tea.

If anyone is looking for a business opportunity with Shack Nutrition, please reach out to the owner. 

Readers, this is a lifestyle change and tasty at the same time. 

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My favorite shake is the brownie batter and my favorite tea is the pride tea.

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