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Peek a Boo Hair For Autumn


Article by Brenda Alicia Torres

Photography by Javier Colón, Madison Reed, Beequeenhair, Glaminati

Want to add a bit of pizzazz to you hairstyle, but yet, remain refined and professional?

Welcome to peek a boo highlights. I searched high and low for pin ideas of what to "spice" my hairstyle with, but not be too much out there - if you know what I mean. (After all, I am almost 50!) I wanted it to feel autumn, I wanted it to look cardamon - I wanted it to be fun! What exactly is peek a boo highlights? Peek a boo highlights are ribbons of hair in a different color than your main tresses - that are "hidden" subtly under your mane. They can be added in in ombre style or in chunks. They can be just a shade off your hair, or - as I added - one, two or three trendy fantasy color hues with merry names like Bubblegum Blue, Lime Twist, Pinkissimo or Burnt Calabaza. You can only imagine the excitement of my hair stylist of over 2 years; my "blow dry king" Javier Colón; when I sent him my inspiration pictures below (credits for pictures given).

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I simply loved the peek a boo effects in the pictures of blues and purples, however, I was more in love with the color inspiration of orange for fall, adding Prince Purple Rain to the deep roots for an ombre effect. So off to work my expert went! And just 5 hours later, I walked out of the salon a new woman - feeling young and vibrant that we truly accomplished our vision! Check out the glow, health and visually creative effect of my finished style in the video below. By the way, that healthy shine is very important, as lots of bleaching takes place. Javier makes sure he meticulously pays attention to your hair's moisture, adjusting and conditioning as needed. My hair has never been healthier!

"Life's too short for boring hair." —Redken.

Where can I find the "blow dry king"?

Well, aside from being able to follow him on insta @blowdryking, you may also find him rockin' the chairs at Ulta Beauty Salon, in South Orlando. If you prefer, they have a pretty nifty and convenient booking portal you can check out right from your cell phone. This technology will allow you to select Javier and get all confirmations and cool reminders via text. While Javier is always my number one recommendation for my hip, current and trendy looks, while you are there, say hello to Claudia - another amazing hairstylist for the books!

Javier Colón = Blonding + Highlights + Balayage + Blowouts + Peek a Boo