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Throughout Columbia Sailing Club's Sailing Summer Camp history, we have experienced many success stories of growth and confidence building. There is one story that stands out, a teen camper who came to us facing several daily challenges.

The teen's parents were going through a divorce, one parent was battling illness, and she was anxious about going back to school in the fall. Fortunately, her Grandmother came across our Junior Sailing Summer Camp programs and signed her up for a Beginner Club 420 Sailing Session. Little did she know how much and in how many ways CSC's Sailing Summer Camp would help her Granddaughter!

Throughout her week with us, she slowly opened up and thrived as each day progressed. Not only did she learn how to sail a boat on her own but she made some close friends who helped her enjoy the week. We were delighted when she signed up for a second week of camp that summer because we could see her enjoying time on the water and having FUN!

She is now an avid sailor at summer camp, attending multiple camps each summer! Her parents coordinate with the other parents from that first year to make sure the group of friends are signed up to attend the same sessions. We are thrilled to see her come back every summer and it is a joy for the coaches to watch her, and other junior sailors, grow in their personalities and sailing skills. 

*Note: the photos used in this article are NOT the campers mentioned.

Are you ready to offer your teen a life-changing, FUN Summer Camp?

Sailing is not only fun, your teen will form lasting friendships and learn valuable life skills. A lifelong love of sailing and seeing the world begins with stepping on a sailboat for the first time!

Check out Columbia Sailing Club's Beginner Club 420 Sessions! By the end of this full-day, week-long camp, your junior sailor will be able to rig and sail a boat, tie impressive knots, and have had lots of fun on the water!

Students have an awesome feeling of self-confidence from completing these activities! And, how many of your teen's friends can say that they can sail their own boat?!

Beginner Club 420 Sessions:

Session 1: June 14 – 18 (9am-5pm)

Session 2: June 21 – 25 (9am-5pm)

We have other sessions available, too ... check out our website for all sessions and descriptions!

All Skill Levels Welcome!

This will be a perfect summer to start or expand your sailing adventures! No need to own a boat and no need to be a member to enjoy this FUN sailing summer camp!

4:1 Ratio

Each session is limited with an outstanding student/coach ratio of 4:1 so that sailors can enjoy a more personalized learning experience.

Register today to reserve your spot!


Each year, these camps fill-up quickly! Please register today to guarantee your spot. In fact, campers often have so much fun that they sign up for an Intermediate session later in the summer!

Let's Sail!

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