4 At-Home School Electives for Kids


Article by Nadine Bubeck

Photography by Nadine Bubeck

Cliché school was sooo 2019… now we’re dealing with virtual, hybrid, and revamped in-person models; that’s why I’m determined to do some at-home electives, making learning at home a little more fun.

Here are four ideas to bring screen free electives into your covid lifestyle.

1. Music

Music helps brains develop, it’s a form of self-expression, relieves stress, and is fun. The History of Rock is a great book that introduces kids to esteemed musicians- the pioneers of rock, rock cowboys, soul, the 60s, and hard rockers. Read a new genre each week and have your kids do mini reports on who they learned about; stream the songs to expose them to the sounds; you can even have them dress up as their faves. 

Here’s a tip… even if YOU’RE not a musician, let your kids learn the skills! Loog guitars are awesome- they have a three stringed for beginners and a 5-stringed for older kids… comes with how-to flashcards and it’s actually really easy to learn. And if you have a piano, buy piano stickers enabling kids to independently learn simple songs. 

2. Geography 

With travel being challenging, it’s still important to instill in your kids a love for adventure and our country. I printed blank US maps off the web for my boys to fill in, and we’re learning a state each week and notable facts.  As a guide, use this book- it’s super cheap!

I love this US Map coloring tablecloth complete with charming representations of each state. And if you want to start a new adventure, just wash the tablecloth in warm water and the ink completely disappears!

3. Cooking  

I’m really trying to teach my kids to become more independent in the kitchen and get them cooking. For example, my kids are hummus obsessed. Instead of buying pre-packaged; we’re making it! There are plenty of kid-safe cooking tools and knives to encourage their cooking independence.

I also think we have a great opportunity to expose our kids to culture around the world… through food. Pick a country to delectably explore per week. For example, taste-test through Italy by making homemade pizza. “Visit Japan” and roll some sushi. It’s a yummy way to introduce your kids to different places and different tastes from the comfort of home.

4. Physical Education

My kids need to burn energy and a YouTube video doesn’t cut it.

We collectively created a weekly PE Choice Board with different options for the kids to do each day. Made from paper and post its, let your kids choose their daily activity… they can even do more than one… and by pre-thinking the ideas, you won’t be scrambling to brainstorm physical activity.

Get creative… set up an obstacle course, have them mow the lawn, build a fort, balloon volleyball, jump-rope, do weights with soup cans, wash the car, play freeze dance… anything to get them moving and off the tube.

And if you're itching for some exercise, lead your kids in something that interests you… they’ll love following you through a living room yoga class. 

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