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The Joy a Baby Brings


Article by Chad O'Roark

Photography by Chad O'Roark

Global pandemic is on the top of everyone's mind.  It seems that you can't go a single day without hearing the terms “new normal” or “what are we going to do?”  America simply needs a break.  We need time away from all this worry and doubt. We need our minds to be renewed.  We need to refresh and relax, even if but for a few moments of time.

Times may seem dismal or blurred, but we have to find the positive and take advantage of it when we can. Celebrating a new baby for instance.  In times like these full of uncertainty and doubt; hosting the birth of a beautiful baby may be the break someone needs.  Celebrating the joy of life amiss the external chaos may bring some relief to those that need to separate from world around them.  

Imagine a vibrant brightly lit room, whimsical baby caricatures decorated with little cutie oranges that seem to dance around the room, a beautifully decorated table sits off to the side full of trays of decadent treats like cakes and cookies, pink and gold confetti are sprinkled about that seem to announce a baby girl is soon coming.  Imagine the smiles and laughter of future parents and future grandparents waiting for this little life to join them.  Playing games and enjoying togetherness that they have longed for over the past few months of quarantine.  The world would seem to pause if only but for a few delicate moments as love fills the air around them.  

Love wins. The chaos drifts away, the burden lightens, and the mood shifts to one of happiness, and the sanctuary of being with loved ones.  Friends and family gather in delight; full of the joy that is to come.  Joy that only a newborn baby can bring.

Maybe for you a baby is the last thing on your mind, or that time has come and gone.  The point is that we all need to find time to take for ourselves and for our loved ones.  Being together and closing the gap regardless of what is going on around us. 

You often hear and see signs or hear people saying, “We're all in this together”, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people feel alone and insecure even though they're surrounded by those that love them.    

Make sure that you plan time away for yourself, friends, and family.  Take time to reflect and renew your mind.  Transform your thinking, Focus on the positive and stay healthy, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Health and Wholeness.          

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