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Meet Andy Barresse


Article by Bridgewater City Lifestyle

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For those living in Somerset County, New Jersey, especially the residents of Bridgewater and Basking Ridge, the name Andy Barresse is synonymous with home maintenance and painting perfection. But who really is Andy, the force behind the beloved Halo Home Maintenance and now the newest franchise in the home services arena?

Andy has taken his dream of making preventative home maintenance a reality for homeowners and entrepreneurs alike. Halo Home Maintenance officially became a franchise in September 2023 ahead of schedule.

The Journey of a Tradesman:

From a tender age, Andy's world revolved around brushes, colors, and homes. Raised by a lineage of tradesmen - his grandfather and uncles, he learned the nuances of home painting, wallpapering, and various other home maintenance tasks. His skill set expanded to the intricate world of faux finishes, making him a sought-after expert for opulent projects right in the heart of Manhattan.

\ With each project, Andy's discerning eye caught patterns – opportunities, risks, and issues that, if addressed timely, could save homeowners from major hassles. This realization led to the inception of a home maintenance business idea, focusing on these precise elements.

A Glimpse into Andy's World:

Beyond his professional life, Andy is a beacon of love and support for his family. A proud father to Heather, Andrew, and Kylie, and an affectionate 'Pop Pop' to two grandkids and one angelic soul in heaven. This angel, Rosalie, plays a pivotal role in the nomenclature of 'Halo'.

His mornings start early, driven by the discipline instilled during his military tenure. Structure and organization are not mere words for Andy; they are the mantras driving his day. When not engrossed in work, Andy cherishes time with his family, is an ardent follower of the Rangers and Giants, and thrives on connections with loved ones.

The Halo Legacy:

'Halo' isn't just a business; it's Andy's tribute to his granddaughter Rosalie. A vivacious beautiful soul, Rosalie's battle with childhood leukemia was short-lived. Yet, her ever-smiling spirit remains the essence of Halo Home Maintenance. In her honor, Andy ensures a portion of the company's earnings are donated annually to childhood cancer and hospital charities. A heartfelt endeavor, aiming that no family undergoes the anguish of loss.

Beyond Maintenance – The Halo Services:

While Halo's annual home maintenance checklist remains a flagship offering, Andy realized the scope for more. Customers now benefit from add-on services, ranging from holiday light installations and new offerings like the “get sale ready” package for homeowners getting ready to put their homes on the market.  Handyman services at discounted rates during quarterly visits have also become a favorite among loyal clients. To further the safety-first ethos, Halo provides products like fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and more.

A Vision Forward:

As Andy often mentions, "Expect problems, challenges, difficulties. Prepare for them, seek solutions, and keep going!" This spirit is reflected in Halo's current venture into franchising. The objective is simple: expansion while helping homeowners retain their home's value and safety through proactive care.

Andy's Wisdom:

For Andy, continuous learning and surrounding oneself with wise counsel are key. He believes in listening, even when opinions differ. But one thing remains unaltered - his character. "We know who we are - honest, hardworking, dedicated," Andy asserts.

To know Andy is to know his passion for home maintenance, his love for family, and his dedication to excellence. The residents of Bridgewater and Basking Ridge can vouch for this. When you engage with Halo Home Maintenance, you're not just hiring a service; you're becoming a part of Andy's extended family.

Halo Home Maintenance: Preserving homes, nurturing relationships, and upholding legacies in Somerset County.

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