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When you dine at a place like Chops Lobster Bar, you will quickly find out what it means to dine at a five-star, upscale restaurant. Located in Atlanta’s Buckhead, it is everything you can imagine — or dreamed of — and dining there is an experience to remember and make your friends jealous with all the pictures you’ll post on social media. 

The dining rooms are very warm-looking with dark wooden interiors, which gives a nice clubhouse atmosphere. Chops is a place of high expectations, and the staff does all it can to meet and exceed yours — and theirs. They make sure customers leave full and happy. They pay attention to every detail such as refilling water glasses and checking in to ensure you have everything you need. Frank Sinatra was played throughout the dinner, adding a nice, relaxing and smooth touch to the experience.

Food is Top-Notch

For starters, I had the Maine lobster bisque au cognac and a side Caesar salad. The bisque was so light and extremely creamy. You will instantly notice how fresh the bisque was thanks to Chops’ outstanding lobsters from Nova Scotia. Chops flies all its seafood in daily, so you are getting the freshest seafood available. My dining partner had colossal lump crab cocktail, again mouthwatering. Next was the big bone-in rib-eye steak — 20 ounces! That is huge! Few can eat that in one setting, and we ended up taking some home. The bone-in ribeye was cooked perfectly, well seasoned and was very tender. I can rave about this ribeye for hours.

Along with the steak, I split a fried Nova Scotia lobster tail, one of Chops’ signature dishes. Having steak and lobster is a highlight of dining at Chops. You get the best of both worlds. Even though I took much the steak to go, I somehow had room for dessert. Last but not least, I had a cappuccino to finish off, and it was just perfect.

There are many delicious options on the menu. Two people can split a 42-ounce dry-aged porterhouse steak. The bone-in filet is worth savoring. A really special meat is Kobe beef, and here's why. Kobe is known for its flavor, tenderness and fatty, marbled texture, and Chops is one of the few restaurants that serves certified Kobe Wagyu beef in Atlanta. For seafood lovers, try out the seafood trio where you get the best of the ocean with broiled Nova Scotia lobster tail, Faroe Islands salmon and Maryland lump crab cake. Other seafood items include Hawaiian ahi tuna sesame seared and Genuine Holland Dover Sole filleted. 

Again, we can’t emphasize enough why the seafood is so outstanding. Chops flies it in daily, so it truly is from the sea to your plate.

Famous Celebrities Have Dined at Chops

Because Chops is one of the best restaurants in Atlanta, there are plenty of celebrities who have dined there, such as Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, Muhammad Ali, Liam Hemsworth and Tom Cruise. If you want to find out who else, look at the walls on the way to the bathroom. They they lined with celebrity pictures. When you dine there, you feel like a celebrity — even if you’re not.

Chops is one of 10 restaurants owned by Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, which operates other highly acclaimed restaurants such as as Kyma, Corner Cafe, Bistro Niko and Pricci. If you know about the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group — and you should — you would know it pretty much defines fine dining in Atlanta. So when you enter Chops or its other restaurants, you are ordering from the best of Atlanta.

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