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Fun Ways to Spoil Your Pets


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

We love our pets, big and small. And while most of us have been working from home, we've been spending lots of time with them. Our pets deserve the very best, but sometimes they can interfere with our workday. Here are some ideas to keep them occupied, from interactive dog toys that will entertain them for hours, to cat patios ("catios") so your cat can safely spend time outside, to homemade treats for your rabbit. Spoil them away!

Toys to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Many of us humans have had to adjust to working from home, and our dogs couldn't be more pleased. Much to their dismay, this does not mean playtime all day. If you find that your dog is distracting you from your work because he is bored or wants attention, try one of these toys to keep him occupied.

5 Homemade Rabbit Treat Recipes

Rabbits love treats just like dogs and cats do. Unfortunately, most store-bought treats intended for them are not healthy or safe for them to eat. Treats are a great way to bond with and train your rabbit, and making your own ensures that the ingredients are safe for your little furry friend. The Bunny Lady shares the recipes for5 Homemade Rabbit Treats to Make for Your Bunny.

Why Your Cat Needs a 'Catio'

A catio—a cat patio—is an excellent solution for allowing your cats to have access to the outdoors without worrying about their safety. There are many options and styles of catios to choose from. Your cat can access the catio through a window for an outdoor space that's only for the cat. You can enclose your existing patio so both you and the cat can spend time outdoors together, or the catio can be an entirely separate structure from your home. Take a look at these DIY catio designs from Catio Spaces for some inspiration!