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Time For A New Kitchen?


Article by C J Knapp Yours by Design

Photography by C J Knapp

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The number one sign that it is time to remodel your kitchen is clutter. Clutter happens when there is no designated place to put everyday items. For example appliances with no home, the home office has taken over the kitchen table, and the pantry is over flowing.

So how can you design a kitchen that eliminates clutter? The key to a great functional clutter free kitchen starts with a good kitchen designer. As interior designers we are trained to asses the functionality of tour space. This is so important for the day to day activities that happen in your kitchen.

The space planning and layout provides a working triangle that is necessary to the flow of a functional kitchen. Once the appliances have ben properly placed, the next step is cabinetry. When planning for cabinets we work closely with clients to plan for what is going to be in each door and drawer. Providing deep drawers to house tall pots and pans, pull out shelves so you can find canned goods, spice drawers, appliance garages, are all great solutions for ending clutter.

In this kitchen the homeowner needed a kitchen in the office. The office is disguised by the cabinetry, hidden there is a printer and file drawers. Keep these tips in mind when tackling your next kitchen remodel.

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