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Why is your Metabolism Slowing Down?


Article by Emily Mobley, Registered Dietician, Owner of Gray Nutrition

Photography by Amanda Donaho

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Am I eating too much? Am I eating enough?

Why am I craving sweets, chips, and bread all the time?

Why am I always so tired, even after a full night of sleep?

If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions, keep reading....

All of these issues are related and there is one main reason why, it's because you aren't eating BALANCED.

Dietitians talk about balance all the time (for example: have you heard of the 80/20 rule?). But, what I'm talking about today is balance in your nutrition, specifically macros (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) at meal/snack times. Macro balance is what keeps your hormones, blood sugar, energy levels, appetite, metabolism all optimal! 

If you think back to diets you've been on, they usually tell you to cut out or reduce a food group, most often carbohydrates and fats. The reason this ends up doing a lot of damage over time is because it's not balanced or sustainable!

Cutting out food groups actually hurts your metabolism significantly. Which is why I, and most of my clients, have gained weight again after dieting. We are told it's because we are eating too much, but it's actually because we aren't eating enough of the right things and we are not getting the balance needed in our diet. 

So why do diets and restrictive eating actually hurt your goals??

We think if we just reduce calories and cut out foods, we will lose weight, but our bodies actually hate that. Doing this actually sends our body signals… “Hey! Slow down… I don’t have enough energy (calories) … I don't have enough of my main source of fuel (carbs)…” and without balance, our bodies will burn through all of the carbs we do have stored. Then, if there isn't anything available to sustain our energy (protein/fat/enough calories), that's when we feel exhausted, hungry, gain weight, have cravings, our stress response increases, we sleep poorly, and really struggle to see progress. We essentially internally become more unhealthy than healthy!  

BALANCE TELLS OUR BODY IT IS SAFE TO LOSE WEIGHT, which is why paying attention to a balanced plate, macronutrients, and understanding your calorie needs can be so effective.

Instead of cutting calories and food groups alone, I suggest balancing your macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat)!

This can be done with tracking, of course, but it can also be accomplished by simply becoming aware of how you plate your food, and what portions to aim for with each macro. This is why I show you my plate all of the time on Instagram and have coined the phrase "change your plate, change your life.".

You may be wondering, ‘How do I actually stick to this “plate” concept and make it work? What are the easiest ways to do this consistently so I can see results?’

THIS is why I created my signature course, the Gray30 - to show you exactly how to simple it is to balance your meals and fit it into your lifestyle! And, most importantly, become consistent with it!

We know LOSING FAT IS SIMPLE, but gaining consistency with the method it takes to get there is hard. The Gray30 makes it SUPER straight forward for you to learn how to create consistency within your lifestyle! 

Are you ready for more balance and to learn how to become more consistent instead of yo-yo dieting?! Check out my Gray30 course HERE...or reach out to me with any questions you have!

Talk soon!


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