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 Are you interested in lifting your truck? There are three types of lifts;  Suspension Lifts, Body Lifts, and Level Kits. We asked the experts at All About Trucks And Autos in Augusta, GA to explain the differences for us. Daniel Morris, owner of All About Trucks, says that you choose what type of lift based on how you plan to use your vehicle and how much money you're wanting to invest.  

  A Level Kit is the most cost effective option. It will lift the front of your truck a couple of inches so that it is level with the back. A level kit does not allow you to add larger tires and is not a good option for off roading.

  Suspension Lifts are the most popular. They are a bit pricier but will allow you to add larger tires and will give you more control off road.  People often like the look of the truck sitting up higher. Keep in mind that lifting your truck will make your ride a little rough. Upgrading your shocks and struts will help with this.

  A Body Lift is when you raise the body of your vehicle off the frame. This is the least popular option. The body lift leaves the under part of your vehicle exposed by adding spacers over your vehicle's original body brushing.

  For more information on which lift kit is best for your vehicle call or stop by All About Trucks and Autos.

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