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Our Guide to Hair Salons in Phoenix


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You are headed to Phoenix Arizona! It’s a fun and unique place. There are plenty of things to see and experience. Places to dress up, or dress down. If you plan to really be on the move while you’re in Phoenix Arizona, I know that you will want your hair to be on point for your trip.

We have broken down some information that will give you an idea of what can be found in the way of hair salons. Whatever the occasion, there is definitely something that will suit your needs.

Hair Salons in Phoenix

Hair salons in Phoenix are definitely in abundance. If you are one that loves having plenty of options, then you will probably enjoy all of your hair salon options available.

Balayage hair styling is a big option available. If you are not familiar with how that technique works, it’s simple but glorious. It offers a sweeping hair painting technique that is layered on with precision and gradually. It is one of the most natural-looking ways to get highlights.

Many salons also specialize in trendy hair cutting techniques using razors and clippers, for a choppy and sliding type of style.

Some of the salons available also have a popularity for carrying a certain level of quality products. If you are one who highly leans towards making sure that the products used are high-quality, those can definitely be found.

If you are wanting to make a day of beautifying by yourself, there are some salons that host an Aveda concept. Basically, in addition to hairstyling, there are also spa services and all sorts of face and body treatments. Do the face and body treatments at first, and if you’re not too overly relaxed get your hair done afterward. Then maybe go get a bite to eat?

Just as a side note, some fun salon options to consider are Bangz Hair Salon, Area 51 Salon, and Honeycomb Salon. Get your beauty on!

Downtown Phoenix: A Plethora of Hair Styling Options

Let’s start with the downtown Phoenix area. I imagine that you will spend quite a bit of time there since there’s a lot to see and do. The hair salons in the downtown area offer a lot of services like basic hair styling to advanced stylings and men’s haircuts. If you’re not feeling too fond of your most recent hair coloring adventure, some salons even do color correction in addition to their hair coloring services.

If you want to be a little extra and amplify but you already have you can try various hair extension services. Some of the hair extension services can be partial. Where some of your hair does show and then certain hairpieces amplify what you have. Then there are other extension styles where your hair is fully concealed.

Also, as an extra benefit, some salons also offer facial care treatments. So if you kind of wanted to make it more of a self-care day, you can get your skin taken care of as well.

Spending the day in downtown could be a great adventure of self-care. Why not get your hair and face taken care of? The great thing about doing all of that in downtown is that there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. So, if you’re feeling a little bit famished after a robust day of beautification, there are plenty of places to refuel.

Dominican Hair Salons

Dominican hair salons have a reputation for incredibly reasonable wash and sets. It is not uncommon to see a price range from $15-$25 to have a wash and set, topped off by a bouncy blowout.

There are tons of Dominican hair care options within the Phoenix area. The services to choose from our bridal services, coloring services, hair styling, kid and men’s haircut. Also, updos, blowouts, beard, and mustache trimming.

So, if you are on a budget, or just prefer to save money altogether hitting up a Dominican hair salon might be a great option. It seems as though no quality is skipped out on, and there’s a variety of hair care services to choose from when you visit any particular Dominican salon.

Let’s not forget hotels. You may very well be staying in a hotel on your visit to Phoenix. If you stay at the Hyatt, then you are in for a lucky treat. The amazing salon taking up residence there has a team of hairstylists, massage therapists, nail technicians, and aestheticians. They are also known for their Moroccan oil products and their use of Paul Mitchell products.

Natural Hair Salons in the Local Area

Natural hair salons are for those who have chosen the natural route. More specifically, this relates most to African-American women who have chosen to not chemically processed their hair or have chosen to lead the chemically processed hair to grow out.

How do you know if a natural hair salon is right for you?

Well, you are ready to leave relaxing, and other chemical processing behind. You are OK with either abandoning the use of curling, flat ironing, or blow-drying your hair. Excessive heat damages the hair.

As it relates to your time in Phoenix Arizona, you will surely find a plentiful amount of natural hair salons that specialize in a variety of natural hairstyles.

Natural and protective hairstyles for African American hair that one can choose from include sister locks, braids, crochet braids, crochet hairstyles, Bantu knots, and Dreadlocks.

One long-standing trend that has been around to consider are the Bantu knots. 

The Bantu Knots Benefits

They are extremely gorgeous, but a very cost-effective way to get A new hairdo.

You don’t have to worry about the length of your hair. Some African-American hairstyles can only work based upon a certain length of the hair. Not so with Bantu knots

If you have ever desired luscious and prominent curls, releasing your hair from Bantu knots gives you the most amazing curls.

Bantu knots have a reputation for creating great hair growth. They are easy to maintain.

If you are new to the natural hair care journey, or about to start, be aware that there will be some additional products needed to maintain the hair. Typically, a stylist will recommend a daily moisturizer, satin pillow, satin bonnet, regular deep conditioning, and products that are absent of sulfate.

The great thing about going to a natural hair care salon in Phoenix is that you will find no shortage of professionals who can give you advice according to your hair type and the stage of your natural hair care journey.

Black Hair Salons: Specialists with African American Hair

There’s a variety of black hair salons within the local area. Some of them can offer traditional services like wash and set, pressing, weaves, braids, chemical treatments, and of course a variety of hairstyles.

Then there are some black hair salons that combine the same or similar services as natural hair care salons. So, it’s really all about what your preference is.

Since African-American hair can be rather complicated, you want to make sure your choice stylist is knowledgeable and experienced with black hair. There are certain processes that are OK for other ethnic groups but could be a mess when done on black hair

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If there’s a particular hairstyle or treatment that you are wanting, be sure that the hairstylist has a thorough knowledge of it. They should be able to talk to you about it and others with ease and professionalism.

Be knowledgeable about your own hair. If you know what types of treatments your hair responds to you the better position you are to know if someone is giving you the wrong advice about your hair. 

When scheduling an appointment at a black hair salon in Phoenix, check the reviews. Also, check to see if they have a plentiful portfolio that you can check out and respond to.

If you want to be sure that you were going to eat top-notch black hair salons you can also check out the ones that the city recognizes as award-winning salons. Not that any place, in particular, is perfect, but award-winning salons obviously have earned that title.

There are enough salons to have a new hairstyle done every day. We know that you will have an amazing time discovering hair salons in Phoenix.