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CAAMP-ing Out

On the Road with One of Our Own, Looking Back on His Summer Drummer Tour

Article by Henry Allen with the Editor of LLM

Photography by Ben Meier

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

Henry Allen, longtime LLM writer/contributor, got the call of a lifetime earlier this summer—a chance to go on tour with Americana folk/rock band CAAMP. From Red Rocks to LA’s Fox to the Ryman, festivals and more, by year’s end, Henry will have played nearly 40 shows—we got the inside scoop on his travels.

Start with a quick history of this journey—from freelance writer to drummer for CAAMP.
In January 2019 I started focusing on copywriting—working my way into some cool freelance jobs with help from Steph Meinberg (editor of this lovely publication) and a few other amazing people who are still in my network. Last spring, I was getting close to committing to a full-time writing gig before I got the call to go on the road and play drums. It was an easy decision to drop the pen and pick up the sticks (no offense, Steph!).

I still write when I have the time. Both drumming and writing are great creative outlets for me. It’s such a privilege to step foot on any stage and play, or to write material for people who will read it—no matter the size of the audience.  

Best part of being on tour?
Definitely being able to visit new parts of the country with some of my closest friends.

Favorite venue?
So far, it’s been the Kettlehouse Amphitheater in Bonner, Montana. It’s a 15-minute drive into the mountains from Missoula, and sits about 100 feet from the Blackfoot River. I’m big on mountains and trees, so I could think of no better place to play a show. 

Is each show the same? Different?
Great question—every show is very different. There are so many variables, it’s hard to list them all. One of the more notable differences is indoor vs. outdoor shows. We performed outside on some scorching hot days toward the end of summer, and we played a few indoor clubs with air conditioning. The sound differs a lot as well—you can really hear the space you’re playing in. When you’re indoors, the sound is rather controlled and predictable. At an outdoor venue, the sound travels and reflects—it makes a difference for both the band and the audience.

Any family or friends lucky enough to see you on tour?
My brother and his girlfriend attended my very first CAAMP show in Sandy, Utah—it was really special to have them there. And my mom saw our Columbus show. The support from my family and friends has been tremendous.

What’s next for you?
Continuing on fall tour playing shows, writing when I can. I’m taking it one step at a time.

As this amazing year winds down, you’re most thankful for ...
Time. With friends and family, at home and on the road, working and days off, all of it. It’s been a special year. I’m forever grateful to my friends, family, bandmates and editors for giving me the opportunities to do what I do.