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Cactus Sugar Studio Remove The Prickly

Stay Smooth, Sharp and Beautiful

Hair removal in general can be a tricky task. Cactus Sugar Studio specializes in the art of body sugaring, an all-natural alternative to waxing. Sugaring is a safer way of hair removal for all skin types and the benefits are likely to leave recipients saying goodbye to razors, hot wax and irritated skin.

Lauren Brummett, owner of Cactus Sugar Studio, jokes that she has been sugaring since before sugaring was cool. First getting certified in 2007, she is no stranger to the McKinney area. Growing up in Melissa, this mother of two opened the studio's doors in March 2020, a week before the pandemic hit. Over the past two years, she has built a reputation in the industry that has people coming from areas all around Texas and even Louisiana visiting her studio.

"I work hard to build a personal relationship with everyone who walks through my doors," says Lauren. "You are not just a number here. I have built my reputation on personal touch and services."

Sugaring is a combination of sugar, water and lemon juice to form a paste. Cactus Sugar Studio's sugar paste is made of 100 percent natural and organic sourced ingredients. Unlike waxes, its gentle sugar paste is free of chemicals, resins and oils that are known to cause adverse reactions to the skin.

Here's how it works: A ball of the paste is applied at body temperature or cooler so it never burns and then molded against the natural direction of hair growth. Then, with a quick flick of the wrist, the sugar is removed in the direction of growth, taking the entire hair and root with it. The same ball of sugar paste is used repeatedly until the undesired hair has been removed. Unlike waxing, which is removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, Sugaring always removes hair with the natural direction of the hair's growth, which improves skin health and eliminates ingrown hairs. For proper technique, the skin is held very taunt, which leads to no pulling or stretching of the skin, therefore, less pain than with the burn or pull of waxing.

Cactus Sugar offers sugaring of brows, toes and everything in-between, including armpits, legs and Brazilian sugaring. The studio also offers an array of other services, including facials, "back facials," "bikini facials," brow tints, as well as lash tints and lifts.


  • Lauren Brummett Welcomes You to Her Cactus Sugar Studio