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Article by Radhika Patel

Photography by Radhika Patel

For those of you who live in Houston and the surrounding areas, you know how many coffee shops there are. For those of you who do not live in Houston – there are a LOT of coffee shops! You have your giant conglomerates of course, and then there are smaller, boutique coffee shops and then there is Minuti Coffee.

There’s something special about Minuti Coffee and I found out that was truer than I imagined, when I recently met the owner of Minuti’s first franchise location on Eldridge.

“Coffee is a culture, a habit, it’s my lifestyle.”

The Difference that Houston's Minuti Makes

I instantly recognized the passion John had for Minuti and what the company stood for, especially as he could never find a good cup of coffee in the mornings. Minuti’s coffee is ground and imported directly from Modena, Italy to Houston, the only location where you’ll find this coffee! Even my chai addicted husband who steers well clear of coffee, thoroughly enjoyed his Affogato.

“I really liked the flavor of the coffee; it was smooth and not overpowering!”

I couldn’t agree more. I tried the Affogato, a latte and my favorite, pain au chocolat – a chocolate croissant. From the first sip to stepping inside Minuti, you are transported to Italy. You really are submerged into the culture. I still remember this feeling when I visited the Sugarland Minuti location before I moved to Houston, in 2011! 

Minuti Coffee's Decadent Desserts: Italian Gelato

Let’s not forget the Gelato! You can’t have an Italian coffee shop without gelato.

What impressed me most was when John spoke to me about the equipment. Traditionally, you do not “scoop” gelato. A gelato spatula (or paddle) is used simply because gelato has different properties to ice cream, it’s less solid, meaning using a scoop will not work as well. This isn’t just Italian coffee in another American coffee shop. It’s the real deal.

A Peaceful Sip Outdoors

An intimate Italian flair with a great selection of coffee, pastries, and in 2011, wine too!

The Eldridge location is the only location out of 15 to have high ceilings and the building itself was designed by English architects. Maybe that’s what drew me in even more! Before you ask yourself, yes, this location does have an outdoor patio AND a drive-through - two essential must-haves in Houston in my book!

Where the Magic Happens: Minuti's Environment

Minuti Coffee is a great spot for a quick coffee, study sessions, catch up with friends, lunch or even a date night. From the Italian colors and artwork, the delicious menu to the friendly staff at Minuti Coffee Eldridge, make this your morning stop off for a real, authentic cup of coffee. It even converts chai lovers! 

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