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Introducing the Contrast Suite – The Healing Powers of Heat and Cold, Together!

The Finns: a clever bunch. They discovered the healing properties of the sauna and the ice plunge long before scientists revealed the existence of hormones. While the Finns couldn’t explain precisely why, they knew they felt more relaxed and less tense after exposing themselves to intense heat and bitter cold in rapid succession.

Since you are Minnesotan, there is a decent chance Finnish blood flows through you. But even if your ancestors couldn’t have located Finland on a map, your body is still receptive to the healing powers of heat and cold. This is precisely what Cadence Chiropractic now offers in their new Contrast Suite.

“Cadence Chiropractic is where I share my passion for healing,” said Dr. Amanda Haeg. “After a football injury left me unable to walk without intense pain, it was chiropractic care that restored my ability to run at full speed in only two weeks. It is no exaggeration to say that chiropractic gave me back my life.

“My experience with cold therapy was no less extraordinary. About two years after opening Cadence, I found myself in the hospital yet again – this time after fainting at a networking event. I learned I had heart and lung issues as the result of not managing stress well. Cold therapy, which reduces the primary stress hormone cortisol and also helps to stimulate improved immune function, provided the perfect recovery. I began with freezing showers until my brother was gracious enough to build an ice barrel for me.

“Cold therapy essentially conditions your body to cope with stressful situations. It trains your mind to disassociate stress with imminent danger, which has the effect of lowering your physiological reaction to stress in everyday life. When your body releases less adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones into your bloodstream, you benefit from a lower risk of all the health conditions associated with chronic inflammation, such as stroke, heart attack, hypertension, fatigue, COPD, and even arthritis. 

“I find heat therapy to be just as beneficial. Heat does much more than make you feel good by telling your brain to release endorphins (quite appropriately known as the ‘feel-good hormones’). It also assists tissue healing and relieves muscle tension by stimulating increased blood flow, and can even decrease blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

“Contrast therapy provides all the benefits of heat and cold therapies, and makes them even more effective by causing your blood vessels to alternately constrict and dilate. That creates a ‘pump effect,’ which enhances circulation to soft tissues throughout your body. Increased blood flood improves your body’s ability to release toxins, as well as deliver endorphins to the areas where they can do the greatest good. 

“The Cadence Contrast Suite gives you full access to the very best that both cold and heat therapies have to offer. First we have the Cold Plunge, which is far more technologically advanced than the leaky barrel my brother put together. (Love you, Dusty!) It is a tub with a built-in chiller that keeps the water at the exact temperature you specify, as well as a filter, UV and ozone treatments, and protocol to maintain optimal pH and alkalinity. The recommended temperature range for cold therapy is 39 to 60o F, but the lower temperatures are ideal if you want the restorative sensation of a truly Finnish plunge.

“Next we have the cedar-lined full spectrum infrared sauna – always a welcome sight this time of year. Unlike a steam sauna, which only heats the occupant’s body from the outside, our sauna creates near, mid, and far infrared waves that penetrate the entire body quickly, safely, and comfortably. Our sauna is more effective at stimulating energy creation within the body’s cells and soothing sore muscles. Infrared light also promotes a healthier type of sweating than steam. Whereas steam stimulates 3% toxin release, the ‘sticky sweat’ created by infrared light promotes 20% toxin release. 

“I’m happy to answer any questions you might have before you visit our Contrast Suite, including recommended protocols and frequency. Ultimately, the way you use our Contrast Suite is totally up to you. If you would prefer to intuit how cold and heat can improve your health – or just enjoy a soothing sauna session with a friend or loved one – then you are more than welcome at Cadence Chiropractic!”

Cadence Chiropractic is located at 6409 City W Parkway #105 in Eden Prairie. You can learn more about Dr. Haeg and her practice at You may reserve your session at the Contrast Suite online or by calling (952) 855-7656.

***FOR POP-OUT QUOTE ON PG. 3: Holiday Special: Buy One 45-Minute Contrast Suite Session for $45, Get One Free!

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