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Cadence Chiropractic

Celebrating Seven Years of Healing

Dr. Amanda Haeg is lucky. Her special number is seven – though she might not have thought so, were it not for chiropractic.

Seven was Dr. Haeg’s number while she played volleyball in high school and in college. It was the number she wore for eight seasons with the Pittsburgh Passion, the full-contact women’s football team that she joined in her twenties and most recently played for last year. Sadly, seven was also the number Dr. Haeg wore when a couple of linewomen nearly snapped her in two.

“I had one knee in my chest, my other leg straight behind me, and the weight of two very powerful women on top of me,” Dr. Haeg recounted. “I heard a pop. From that point on, I could no longer walk without pain – let alone run.”

Dr. Haeg received several different types of specialized care for her injury. After six months, nothing improved. The constant pain forced her to face a nasty prospect: her new, nightmarish normal might last forever. No more playing sports. No more working as an athletic trainer. No chasing around the children she hoped to have someday.

“Finally, I went to see a chiropractor,” said Dr. Haeg. “Two weeks and six adjustments later, I was jogging without pain again. The whole experience was a revelation. Chiropractic didn’t just give me back my future. It also became what I wanted to do with my future.”

Dr. Haeg has now spent seven beautiful years helping people at Cadence Chiropractic, her clinic in Eden Prairie. She is Minnesota’s only practitioner of the Pierce Results System, and one of very few with a video X-ray. Alongside her thermography scanner and traditional X-ray machine, these tools allow Dr. Haeg to scientifically analyze each patient’s spine – and pinpoint the source of its dysfunction.

“Such thorough examination gives me objective insight into how each patient’s joints, muscles, ligaments and nervous system all function together. Wherever there is miscommunication between them, there is an opportunity to heal. No drugs. No surgery. Only abilities you were born with, but may need help regaining.”

Dr. Haeg has helped people from all walks of life over the years. A young hockey player who could no longer train or compete without crushing headaches; back on the ice, free of pain. A man whose neck had degenerated so badly that he could no longer look upward; now able to look in whichever direction he pleases. A woman who had been scheduled for two knee surgeries two years apart; recovered so quickly that she finished both in a span of five months. A baby, whose soft head had flattened on the side she preferred sleeping on; recovered without spending a minute in helmet therapy. She has even explained how she could save a certain magazine writer from having to listen to his own neck every time he looks at his second computer monitor. (It is where I watch funny dog videos in between writing paragraphs.)  

“If sports have taught me anything, it’s the importance of teamwork in every relationship – including the ones I share with my patients,” said Dr. Haeg. “Careful analysis must precede effective treatment for arthritis, migraine, ear infection, vertigo, degenerative disc disease, and any of the dozens of other issues people regularly seek my care for. But if you only look at biomechanics, you’ll miss the big picture. That’s why I make each patient a true partner in their recovery. It’s the only way I can understand how their condition is holding them back, and what I can do to help them achieve their health goals. Some people want to resume playing sports. Some have to get back to work. Plenty of others just wish they could keep up with their grandchildren. To all of them, I say let’s work it out – together!”

Dr. Haeg’s specialties are sports, pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic, although no joint in the human body is beyond her powers of restoration. Her clinic also offers contrast therapy, which is yet another treatment she has found immensely helpful during her own recovery journey. The Contrast Suite is a private room with an infrared sauna and cold plunge tub. When used in rapid succession, their myriad health benefits include reduced pain, improved sleep, stronger immunity, and increased blood flow. New clients pay only $30 for their first 60-minute session!

Cadence Chiropractic is located at 6409 City West Parkway, #105 in Eden Prairie. Call (952) 855-7656 today to book your initial consultation, or visit to learn more.

No drugs. No surgery. Only abilities you were born with, but may need help regaining.

  • Dr. Amanda Haeg

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