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Spreading love one car at a time

It’s February and love is in the air. I find it in family, in friendships, in nature, in pets and in my mechanic. Wait, what? Yes, I have truly found a place that loves me and my car and makes caring for my vehicle a pleasant experience. Visit Caliber Auto Care and you will feel the love too, from exceptional customer service to caring and kind-hearted repair people.

Caliber Collision has been a trusted company in our community for many years. Unfortunately, accidents will happen. But it is good to know that there is a trusted and reliable company to help when we need someone to put our vehicles back together. After years of successful collision repair, the Caliber team wanted to expand their services and found a business model that focused on a high-quality customer experience that would bring rhythm and ease to the repairing of vehicles while creating a relationship with guests that promoted confidence and trust in their services. Since its beginning in 2017, Caliber Auto Care has maintained those goals of excellent customer care for our community.

Caliber Auto Care prides itself on creating an upscale service center. Zayne Mason, the general manager of the Flower Mound location on Justin Road, says, “The last place you want to go is to get your car serviced.” While in a coaching meeting for the company managers, he learned that a survey was done where thousands of people were asked to rate some experiences from best to worst. Laughing, he recalls that car repair fell below teeth cleaning. I hope the dentists can laugh here as well. So Caliber made it a mission to change that view for all customers. 

“What is best for the guest?” is the question that guides the service, decision-making and relationship with each person who walks through their door. Upon entering, I was warmly greeted with a smile. Being noticed is important. Image is also very important and Caliber has captured a welcoming environment that is beautifully decorated with plush and relaxing chairs. There are three TVs with something to watch for everyone (which means I do not have to watch sports updates). Children will love the play area with three levels to climb and a car at the top to drive. I enjoyed a delicious coffee from the upscale beverage center complete with a bar that is designed for customers to plug in their device and work as they wait, with an excellent view from the large windows. With 15 bays and top-rated employees, you will not have to wait long even though you may want to stay. As well as a relaxing wait, Caliber can also provide a conference room for working, rides where you need to go and picking up your car at your location. A feeling of comfort surrounded me as I waited.

Some women may feel intimidated visiting the mechanic because of lack of experience or knowledge. Caliber has worked hard to ensure that all guests will feel comfortable when making decisions about auto service by taking the mystery out of auto care. The well-trained service providers will offer recommendations for their work complete with pictures, detailed explanations and warranties that will back the high level of quality work. There is no pressure and discussions with your spouse or partner before work begins are encouraged. I had such a fun time talking to the Caliber folks for this article and know that a car conversation will be just as comfortable.

Feeling confident in your mechanic is a must. Caliber sets high standards for their employees and looks for people who are willing to uphold the culture and beliefs of the center. “What is best for our guests will be best for our company as well,” says Mason. The family at Caliber Auto Care has filled the facility with employees who have a servant’s heart. Their involvement with the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides program provides fully restored vehicles to veterans, active duty service members, first responders and others in need of reliable transportation. They sponsor the “Restoring You Food Drive” during the summer for children who do not have access to school meals during this time. By partnering with the American Heart Association, Caliber helps to raise funding for research to beat heart disease while also educating their Caliber family on healthy lifestyle choices. Currently, Caliber has more than 24,000 employees certified in hands-only CPR throughout the country. As I visited the center in December, I noticed a box of toys that was overflowing with donations for Toys for Tots that would make so many children in our community smile during the holidays.

Not only does Caliber offer excellent repair service, but also consider them for their express services such as state inspections, oil changes, tire repairs, headlight replacements and much more. From reliable service to amazing community involvement and support, it is clear why Caliber is trusted to “Restore the Rhythm of Your Life” as their company slogan states. Car trouble never comes at a convenient time. But if you need a repair or service, it is good to know there is a place nearby that can love on both you and your car.

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