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Cameron & Cody Painting

C&C Painting: Brushing Excellence Across Manhattan

The morning sun casts a warm glow over a Victorian home, illuminating the intricate details of the century-old architecture. High atop a sturdy ladder, armed with a paintbrush, a painter from C&C Painting & Remodeling stands ready. With meticulous care, the brush is dipped into a bucket of vibrant paint, ready to transform the exterior of the house into a masterpiece of color and charm.

As the brush sweeps across the surface, a fresh coat of paint emerges, covering imperfections with a smooth, even layer. Each stroke is deliberate and precise, as the painter methodically works their way around the house, breathing new life into its exterior.

Slowly but surely, the house begins to undergo a stunning transformation, evolving from dull and worn, to vibrant and inviting. The overall scene radiates a sense of transformation and rejuvenation. The fresh coat of paint radiates with fresh energy and charm. Ultimately, the finished project reveals yet another day of exceptional craftsmanship at C&C Painting & Remodeling.

The tale of C&C Painting & Remodeling unfolds more than a decade ago in The Little Apple when Cameron Crocker arrived in Manhattan to pursue his education at K-State. Taking a hiatus from school during a summer break, the native of Colby, Kansas, embraced an internship as a painting contractor. Growing up in a family that valued self-reliance and the ability to fix things independently, Cameron found a natural inclination toward painting.

As the internship progressed, it evolved into a platform for networking and referrals, expanding beyond painting to encompass handyman services. It dawned on Cameron that there was potential in this venture. With this realization, he reached out to his brother Cody, inviting him to join the journey.

After taking a leap of faith, Cody moved to Manhattan from Hays, and the duo landed on the name C&C Painting, LLC. While they realized this new company had a ton of potential, they also knew they had a lot to learn. Making the effort for self-development, they found themselves shadowing contractors in Wichita, Oklahoma City, and Nebraska. Here, they would gain valuable insight and knowledge from a diverse variety of industry professionals.

Like any entrepreneurial journey, the brothers faced challenges in the early days of C&C Painting. Securing initial clients, building a reputation, and establishing the business infrastructure required determination and hard work. However, the brothers remained undeterred, leveraging their creativity, work ethic, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

The Crocker family's dynamic has played a crucial role in the success of the company. Cameron, serving as the CEO, embodies the company's personality and vision. Meanwhile, Cody, in the role of COO, showcases meticulous attention to detail, emphasizing the importance of image. With a reserved communication style, he lets actions speak louder than words. Then, completing a trio is another brother, Chris, the CFO, who excels in numbers and financial management. This family dynamic, combined with the dedication of longstanding employees, underscores the genuine essence of a family-run business.

The company sets itself apart from competitors through a steadfast commitment to a client-centric approach, referred to as "The Three Pillars": Show Up and Show Out, Everything’s Better After You Show Up, and Big Picture, Small Details. From the beginning, their focus has been on these three fundamental principles grounded in communication, transparency, and collaboration with clients. This dedication has not only fostered trust, but has also played a pivotal role in cultivating an expanding community of satisfied customers who value the personalized touch that is consistently brought to every project.

With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, the brothers leveraged their existing skills and industry knowledge to venture into the realm of home remodeling. This expansion not only broadened their service portfolio, but also positioned C&C Painting, now officially known as C&C Painting & Remodeling, as a one-stop destination for homeowners seeking both aesthetic enhancements and structural improvements for their properties.

The addition of home remodeling services allowed C&C Painting & Remodeling to address a wider range of projects, from minor renovations to major overhauls. The company could now undertake tasks such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, room additions, flooring installations, and other remodeling projects. The synergy between painting and remodeling services has enabled C&C Painting & Remodeling to seamlessly integrate these offerings, delivering clients a smooth and efficient experience from conceptualization to finalization.

As the company expands, so does the Crocker family, and with this growth, a new mission has emerged for the painting company. On December 14, Cameron’s son, Quentin Clive, arrived prematurely. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Stormont Vail Health in Topeka cradled him for eight days, with his family navigating the uncertain journey. The Ronald McDonald House became their sanctuary, offering comfort and solace amid the beeping monitors. Grateful for the support, C&C has resolved to give back. In 2024, the company has pledged to donate $1 for every gallon of paint sold, with the goal of 10,000. They see this as a tribute to the resilience of premature babies, and a nod to the generosity that once enveloped them in Topeka's Ronald McDonald House. Quentin’s story - a testament of love, hope, persistence, and community care - is a direct reflection of the company itself.

Through their dedication to quality craftsmanship, community engagement, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, the brothers transformed their artistic talents into a thriving business. C&C Painting & Remodeling stands as a shining example of how a vision, coupled with hard work, and a commitment to core values, can turn a small venture into a local success story.

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