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Owner of Petersen Concierge Medical Camilla Petersen offers heart-centered information

Cardiac health remains a key focus in our healthcare with more than 50% of all healthcare monies directed toward diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease. With more and more investment directed toward innovation for disease management, we now have high-end toolkits for early diagnosis and front-end prevention. We have an understanding of the nuanced interaction of many unique and individual factors that play a role in disease. With a committed and knowledgeable physician in your corner, you can detect and modify early signs of disease and focus on vitality and health for years to come.

Calcium score can be a starting point for cardiac disease risk screening. A coronary CT scan with an overlay of AI-powered software can identify soft plaques within the arteries that may cause heart attacks. Reference laboratories provide physicians with an opportunity to look at inflammatory markers and gene and metabolic analysis that stratify risk and identify early signs of cardiometabolic disease. For a rapid yet personalized approach, there are several tests driven through proteomic biomarkers that allow for rapid screening and ongoing personal comparison.

A CAM (continuous ambulatory monitor) patch monitor elevates the efficiency and quality of ambulatory heart rhythm monitoring due to its in-office download ability. Pocket-sized portable devices allow any time heart rhythm recording and immediate relay to the physician. Many wearables can record vital signs continuously for precise and informative monitoring.

Further, VO2 analyzers, whole body scanners, DEXA scanners, and movement platforms powered by cutting edge software compound and analyze data to provide myriad of reports and sequential assessments. The high-tech diagnostics paired with medical acumen are powerful tools for personalized and focused health-centric care. Unlike your car, you cannot trade your body in for a newer model. Take care of it and ask your doctor for your next step in wellness and longevity.

Camilla Petersen is the owner of Petersen Concierge Medical, a curated bespoke private medical practice, providing wrap around personalized medical care for its clients.

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