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Camp Cullman

Parks And Recreation’s Summer Programs For Kids

Dabie is ten years old, and loves the color hot pink! Her special talent is being double-jointed. “I like my friends at camp because they’re very kind, always want to do things with you, and are always fun.”

Emma is eight years old and her favorite color is blue. She loves to do gymnastics, and her favorite thing to do at camp is to meet the new teachers and play gaga ball. Her favorite summer pastime is swimming in her pool.

Blaze is eight years old and his favorite color is blue. He enjoys soccer and football and loves to play games at camp with his friends. His favorite thing to do in the summer is to swim. 

Wood is eight years old, and his favorite color is black. His talent is playing football and likes to play gaga ball at camp. “My favorite camp counselor is Will because he’s really nice and plays sports like me!”

Falyn is seven years old and loves the color pink. Her special talent is doing handstands. Her favorite thing to do at camp is to color and likes going to camp because her friends from school are there as well. “My favorite thing about summer is no school!” 

Avalea is eight years old, and her favorite color is purple. Her special talent is cheering and loves to tie-dye at camp. “The best thing about summer is that it’s hot and fun!”

Every summer, the Cullman Parks and Recreation hosts several programs and activities for kids. Camp Cullman is a day-camp program where kids can go on field trips, participate in crafts and sports, go swimming, and much more! Make sure to enroll your little ones next year! 

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