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Candied Pansies

Crafting edible art at home

By LeAnn at Silvertooth Home
Ingredients & Tools
❏ Liquid egg white or egg white substitute
❏ Granulated Sugar
❏ *Pansies or Violas

❏ Paint brush (reserved for cooking)
❏ Wire Cooling Rack
Place egg whites in a small bowl. Using a brush, gently coat the front side of the pansy with
the egg white. Cover completely with sugar. Flip the flower over and repeat on the other
side. Place the sugared pansy on a wire cooling rack to dry. Repeat on the next pansy until
all are coated. Let the pansies dry for 24hrs before using. If not used immediately, store in a
sealed container between paper towels and use within a week. Use these candied pansies
to decorate cakes, cupcakes, or to garnish salads.
*disclaimer: only use pansies that are free from pesticides and other chemicals.
Additionally, I choose organic plants from my local nursery without blooming flowers to
ensure that each bloom that unfolds at my home is untreated and food safe.