Cantina 1511: Genuinely Good Food

In 2004, Cantina 1511 opened its doors at 1511 East Blvd. with the promise to serve the good souls of Charlotte with consistently outstanding Mexican fare. In a world where promises are often made but seldom kept, this was the exception. The food and service were excellent and more surprisingly, consistent. As the years have passed, the standards of food and service have improved, largely through Cantina 1511’s genuine commitment to excellence in hospitality.

Cantina 1511 continues to “bring more to the table than good food” as it expands its vision. The owners and staff at Cantina 1511 are going beyond persevering in their endeavors to live up to that original promise by continually reevaluating how to best incorporate those same ideals into the manner in which they procure produce, creatively prepare it and in how they provide services to their guests, our community and beyond.

Cantina's Service: Their Humble Staff

Each member of the Cantina 1511 staff is committed to their one shared vision and understands their assigned responsibilities and holds themselves accountable to their guests, one another, our community and beyond. Cantina 1511 endeavors to operate its restaurants responsibly, both from a culinary and commercial perspective. They accept accountability for the stewardship of their budgets and work diligently, one meal at a time, to sustain vigorous yet manageable growth.

Food Philosophy Behind the Cantina

A tapestry of flavor, color, aromas and textures happen in a joyous and friendly atmosphere. Authenticity is the watchword, but there is no slavish obedience to a specific creed that prevents a tilt to embrace the pleasingly unexpected. 

We all live off the land in balance with our environment and the seasons, even if we don’t till or plant. It is therefore imperative that the relationship is respected, not only with the people who grow food but with the very soil that nurtures food. Cantina 1511's goal is to serve food made from quality fresh ingredients, grown by people they know and trust. Sustainability is about the relationships we develop with members of our community, and it is driven by their creativity, resourcefulness and energy.

Private Fiestas and Catered Events

Cantina 1511 can provide the same quality food for your next party or event. All necessary dining ware including plates, silverware, napkins and serving utensils are provided. Complimentary chips and salsa are included with each order.

Want to Go?

Cantina 1511 has three great Charlotte area locations

Cantina 1511 hours

  • Monday–Thursday, 11 a.m.–10 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m.–11 p.m.
  • Sunday, 11 a.m.–10 p.m.


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