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Award-Winning Photographer Aims to Make Families Look Their Best

Article by Sarah Knieff

Photography by Andrew Vick

Originally published in Edina Lifestyle

The sun is shining, the air is warmer, and families are spending a lot more time together outdoors. It’s summer in Minnesota and local Edina photographer Andrew Vick has been gearing up for months for a season of photo sessions.

“Now is a great time to hire a professional photographer to capture your family memories,” Andrew, owner of Vick Studios, says. “We do in-studio and on-site photo shoots, which helps our clients feel comfortable in the environment they choose.”

Andrew is an award-winning lensman, experienced in wedding, event, landscape, portrait and lifestyle photography.

“Our clients often become like family, and as a small business we are always so excited to learn more about how we can create art and lasting memories for people,” Andrew says.

Vick Studios has a caring team of photographers specialized to help in all aspects of the session process.

We sat down with Andrew to discuss the emerging trends in photography, his tips for better family photos and how being a father is intertwined with his work.

How have corporate photo sessions evolved in the past few years?

Now more than ever, I’m being asked to take a group of lawyers or doctors who are normally very buttoned up and make them more relatable. I like to show that they’re actually fun and can loosen their ties a little. To do this, I could come in when they are doing a team building meeting with craft beverages afterwards. I get shots of them laughing, brainstorming and sharing a toast. This environment is lighter and shows a nice human quality to professions that may seem staunch. Brands really just want a more authentic representation of themselves and their partners.

What new trends are emerging in wedding photography?

We are seeing that the grooms are more involved and interested in all parts of the wedding. They want to help with catering, suits, location and most importantly the photos. Guys have always wanted to look good in their photos, but now they are taking more time to figure out what to wear, different poses and how to look their best. As a husband myself, I was in tune with my wedding, and it made me feel more a part of the process.

What tips can you offer for a successful family photo shoot?

Coming out of COVID, families just want to have fun together. I recommend finding a comfortable photo location that fits your family. We are getting a lot more requests to meet people in the summer on vacation, at their cabin, on a boat and at reunions. These spaces allow for more moments of true laughter and authentic smiles. At Vick Studios, we created Cabin Sessions, which has been curated to encompass these such moments. I come to the client – wherever that may be. The best photos are at a person’s happy place.

We also encourage people to make an event out of your photo session. Don’t let the fun stop when the camera gets put away. After you're done, continue your day with the family. Get ice cream or go see a movie. This will create a lasting memory of your time together.

Lastly, I recommend planning your session out as much as possible. Think about your wardrobe, poses and props beforehand. Planning helps take the stress out of the actual photo shoot. We want clients to show up and not have to worry about anything other than being present.

How can families look their best?

For outfits, I say comfort comes first and anchor the wardrobe on simple patterns with no more than three main colors. Women should try to avoid boxy looks that don’t show off their form. You want something that you can move and feel beautiful in.

I have noticed that the person booking a session is normally the one that plans everything out, which means all outfits should center around them. Make sure this person feels amazing first and then pick clothing pieces that coordinate with their colors. You always want to have complimenting hues for all outfits. Typical palettes include creams, nudes, blues and browns.

As far as positioning goes, movement is always best. I like to capture families naturally interacting with one another. For the more posed photos, lean towards the camera. Bodies tend to look better when their weight is forward slightly.

How has being a father intertwined with your work?

When my two boys came into the world it changed my life and photography. I dedicated myself to picking up the camera in their first year of life wherever we went. Now since they are a little older, I take photos for their events, celebrations, vacations and many of their first landmarks. Representing both kids equally in photos of love around our home is a value we have and reminds us each day what we are grateful for.

Who takes your pictures?

We have many friends on our team at Vick Studios who know the beauty of our family enough to take our photos with me in them. It’s a fun practice to be on the other side of the camera and play with my family. I remind myself that we discipline other areas of our lives so why can’t we take thirty minutes once a year to document our own gold and remind us how good we have it?

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