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Capturing a Moment

For Artist Sarah Reeder, It's all about the Details

Have you ever stopped to appreciate a leaf? A piece of bark?  What about that leaf or piece of bark in the morning versus evening light? Have you ever picked up the peach color that sunset lighting casts on an aspen tree? Or noticed how morning light can cast a pink hue on a blade of grass?  Have you taken the time to consider that morning shadows are bluer?   

In a fast-paced world, we don’t often take the time to slow down and consider our surroundings as anything other than just that, background noise.

That is why art can be so impactful.


An artist’s passion provides a perspective on the world that the rest of us aren’t always inclined to see. They can capture a fleeting moment and hold it out for us to see, examine, and appreciate. Artists have the capability to suspend time and cause us to reflect.

Sarah Reeder is that kind of artist. The details are what make her art stand out.

The Colorado Springs native started running during her freshman year of high school as it allowed her to spend more time with her brother. Now, her runs are part of her process.

“I use running to learn about color variations in clouds, landscape design and earth movement,” she notes.  

Reeder is a mother to two boys, wife to a firefighter, and an entrepreneur in her spare time. She paints her commissions after the boys are in bed or in between cleaning their immaculately kept VRBOs here in town.

Why Not?

When asked what drew her to art, she tells of walking through a department store to pick up some artwork for her first space. Upon seeing the price tags, she decided she would rather spend the money on art supplies and try to create. She reflects, “until I started painting, I never used to see the details or the colors of things, now I can’t not see them.” 

Each of Reeder’s paintings or murals has a hidden treasure that makes it special and unique to the owner. Sometimes it’s a birth date, anniversary date, initials carved in a tree, or something else that only the owner would know is just for them.

"Home is a place to relax and be yourself," she says. "It is an honor to be asked to provide a piece of joy and comfort in such a sacred space.”

Facebook + Instagram: @SarahEReederArt