Capturing Life In Perfect Light

Meet Bellevue Lifestyle Photographers: Life N Light

Since 2017 the Life N Light team have been the lead photographers for Bellevue Lifestyle Magazine, and now also Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine.  They were founded In 2016, when Jaylen Hendrickson and Easton Lemos set out to capture life through their camera lenses. Today, Life N Light is a fast growing photography collective that provides a wide range of photography services. The name “Life N Light” was derived from the simplicity of what they love doing — capturing life in perfect light.

Their style was developed from the collaboration between a technical landscape photographer and a well versed portrait photographer. When you combine the technical aspects of photography with effortless creative direction you get a style that captures the beauty and true essence of someone.

“Our passion is people. Whether it’s with our clients or our team, relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We’re driven by a desire to connect, inspire, and empower people and brands through visual media,” says founder Easton Lemos. 

Life N Light has a large studio in Everett where they capture editorial shoots, headshots, family portaits and more.  They are also known for capturing clients in the outdoors with gorgeous PNW vies as a backdrop.  Kirkland Lifestyle asked Life N Light to share some of their favorite outdoor photography tips.

Life N Light oop outdoor photography tips:  

 Tip #1: Explore Different Point of Views

Sometimes it takes some experimenting to find the best point of view. Look for different vantage points (high, low, side to side) as the elements in the foreground could change to look more interesting.

Tip #2: Shoot During Sunrise or Sunset

Shooting during sunrise or sunset when the light is soft and the sun is low on the horizon can bring vivid colors and dramatic shadows to the landscape.

Tip #3: Use a Subject

If you are exploring with someone, placing a subject in the frame can change the viewer's perspective of the landscape’s size and scale. It can also give context to the image to create a story.

Tip #4: Plan Ahead of Time

Researching the location you are exploring ahead of time can help you collect inspiration for how you want to compose the images. It can also help you figure out what gear to pack.

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