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Capturing Richmond

Midlothian Lifestyle Contributing Photographers are Sent on a Photo Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Article by Joanna Tannenbaum

Photography by Nia Negrette Photography and Philip Andrews Photography

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

When it comes to picture-perfect photography, Nia Negrette and Philip Andrews know how to deliver captivating, vivid images. Contributing photographers for Midlothian Lifestyle, Nia and Philip, were tasked with an exciting outdoor adventure to do what they do best. With specific locations and subjects given, both photographers captured their unique interpretations of a portrait of something natural at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, a water activity at Pocahontas State Park, a dessert item from a Scott's Addition restaurant, an architectural-type photo of Main Street Station, and a favorite attraction at Maymont Park. Their photos are proper reminders of how great and beautiful our local community is through every individual lens.  

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  • Dessert from Gelati Celesti in Scott's Addition by Philip Andrews
  • Kayaking r at Pocahontas State Park by Philip Andrews
  • Garden Glow at Maymont Park by Philip Andrews
  • Main Street Station by Philip Andrews
  • A single rose at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden by Nia Negrette
  • The colorful Japanese Garden at Maymont by Nia Negrette
  • Kayaking at Pocahontas State Park by Nia Negrette
  • Main Street Station by Nia Negrette
  • Dessert from Lunch.SUPPER! in Scott's Addition by Nia Negrette
  • Philip Andrews
  • Nia Negrette