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Capturing Love In An Instant

6 Local Photographers Show Us What It Takes to Capture That Special Moment

How many fireplace mantel pieces do you see photographs of an event that is either very new or from decades long ago? Regardless of time, they convey the same image - that of a loving couple getting married. Wedding photography is the fine art of capturing happiness and memories. Weddings are planned months ahead, sometimes years, and when the special day arrives, the plans have evolved into picture perfectness. What the images convey though is the effortlessness and the spontaneity of the emotions that render the day of holy matrimony unforgettable. 

The couple professes undying love and commitment, reflected in the pose that is taken. The folding back of the veil, a tender kiss and the loving gaze into each other’s eyes. All the caring feelings flow from these ever so meaningful gestures that are the hallmarks of ceremonies both sacred and worldly.

Here you'll find six local artists/photographers showcasing their most iconic images.

Wedding are all about capturing magic. This image was actually taken on a trampoline but the trampoline was edited out! Sometimes you have to create a little magic too! I love this photo because it captures the excitement and joy of the day so well. Love is all about the highs and the lows and what better way to show that then bouncing on a trampoline! This couple had so much spunk and I think this image captures that perfectly. 

Bridal portraits are some of my favorite photos. It’s a chance to capture the beauty of the bride, her dress, her flowers, that feeling she’s experiencing right before she becomes a wife. I love this image for the profile angle. I like to think she was looking over and thinking of all that was ahead of her, all that love she’s in, all the day was bringing. The snow was a huge perk too- nothing says romance like some snow! 

Candid shots are the best! This photo was taken during a love battle of the cake. It brought me so much joy to snap this perfectly timed moment and my clients loved it as well! Photography is all about capturing those candid moments and letting the love unfold before your eyes and solidifying it forever in a creative way. Part of love is playfulness and I feel this photo gushes of it. There’s no better way to have some fun at your wedding than a smash of cake! 

Heather James


IG: @heather.james.imagery

Every bride and groom deserves memorable images to remember their wedding day. An iconic shot should remind the viewer what it felt like to be present in that moment and evoke the same emotions they felt.  As artists, we believe an iconic image is made up of the relationship between three things: lighting, location, and emotion. The composition should be intentional in regards to the subjects and their relationship to the location. For these images, the relationship between the subjects and location are accentuated by the use of interesting lighting. 

Aubrey Westlund


IG: @westlundphotography

When I photograph couples, it's not all about the best photos; it’s about capturing how my couples feel and their overall experience. Number one key in creating memorable images is having a strong connection with the couple. From the initial meeting to delivering the final product, it’s all about building a strong relationship. In order to create an iconic image, it all starts with a relationship and a few awkward jokes. 

Weddings typically have a hectic schedule and there’s not much time to relax and take in the day. Right after this couple’s ceremony, they sat down for a few minutes to be alone. This image captures the intimacy between them. These are my favorite moments; it doesn't have to be anything staged. Subtle, candid moments like this make a print-worthy, iconic image. 

Not everyone wants to or is able to get married surrounded by hundreds of people. Many of our couples in 2020 resorted eloping somewhere remote. During this couple’s first kiss, I couldn't help but notice how delicate and sweet their relationship was. At the end of the day, these  iconic moments will not only capture my couple's beauty but also their emotions and their love toward each other. 
Vlad Radion 


IG: @radionphotography

These photos were taken in summer of 2019 at my favorite wedding venue, Trail Creek Cabin, in Sun Valley, Idaho. These photographs highlight the pure fun and joy of this destination wedding. It truly captures the day for the couple and their family as it was very important to the couple to include their children in the wedding ceremony and celebration. It also showcases that wedding photography does not have to be stiff or boring! I [enjoy] capturing real joyful moments in a natural and timeless way. 

Kendra Elise


IG: @kendraelisephoto

When shooting a memorable image, it isn't really one image I look to capture; it's a story of the entire photo shoot and the sweet moments that unravel in the in-between. I love to have an idea of the composition, lighting and framing weeks before. I’ll choose a location that sings with beauty, preplan as much as I can in order to have one less thing to think about and be fully present with the couple when shooting. Then, I usually will give the couple an action and observe how they tell it in their own unique actions while being in my own awareness with, "how can I make this art”? This series of images represent iconic wedding imagery because it has the foundation for a good shoot: amazing location, beautiful dress, gorgeous couple. The key is the magic in those photos: the mood it provokes and the creative element. 

Jenny Losee


IG: @jennylosee_

Our entire brand and style is based on really focusing on getting that 1 or 2 key shots. We love epic locations, beautiful golden light and something that just makes you stop and say, "Wow". We recommend to all of our couples to take a few minutes away on their wedding day to get creative and adventurous and those images are alway the favorites! We want to create an image that you will want to blow up and put on the wall. 

These images each represent an iconic wedding shot because they are ones that can be beautiful art pieces in the home to display your love story. The black and white images is the moment in time where you just became husband and wife. It's one of my favorite parts of every single wedding; you cannot fake those smiles and that emotion! 

Carli and Beau


IG: @carliandbeau