Car Wash Makes Big Splash

High Tech Wash; Old-Fashioned Customer Service

If you’ve driven on North Academy Boulevard over the past year, you’re sure to have noticed an addition: Big Splash Car Wash. This place is taking car washing along the Front Range to new heights.

High Tech

From the moment you enter the 200-foot tunnel, you’ll notice that this car wash is different. Most striking? The innovative, super-smooth flat belt conveyor—a design similar to the moving walkways at many airports.

“The flat conveyor is key for anyone with wide tires or anyone with a sports car with a low profile,” says Claire Cunningham, who owns Big Splash, with her husband, Jason.

Frankly, it’s a better design for any vehicle. No more trying to steer between two metal rails—just drive onto the belt, shift the car into neutral and enjoy the smooth ride.

At the end? Ultra-powerful dryers hit the car from every direction to minimize pesky water spots.

Benefits of Washing Your Car

Aside from a home, a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases most people make.

“We believe that keeping your car clean is a good idea for many reasons – it extends the life of your vehicle and its paint – but even more so, it can and should actually brighten your day to go to the car wash!” Cunningham said.

It’s like walking on freshly vacuumed carpet or decluttering the pantry – it just feels good.

Worried that the car wash will damage your car? Big Splash uses only closed-cell foam, soft-cloth material that doesn’t trap dirt and 100 percent biodegradable, gentle soaps.

“A car wash is 100 percent better than washing a car yourself,” Cunningham said.

Superior Customer Experience

I pulled into one of the four fast-moving lanes at Big Splash a few weeks ago. The employee waiting at my kiosk didn’t know I was writing an article and I didn’t tell him.

We chatted for a minute, then he asked what wash I’d prefer. I opted for the “Little Splash.” He kindly typed the information in and got me on my way. That type of quick, friendly customer service is in short supply these days. It’s like the Chick-Fil-A of car washes.

“We strive to brighten our customer’s day with friendly faces and good clean fun,” Cunningham said.

After a relaxing trip through the window-flanked washing tunnel, I pulled up to the sprawling bank of high-suction vacuums and this sign:

Clean Car Guarantee
If we’ve missed a spot, we’ll gladly rewash your car.
No loud music.

I walked around my car, expecting to exercise that guarantee. A rainy day trip to a friend’s house had caked my car in cement-like mud that three other car washes had failed to remove. But as I inspected the wheel wells after my “Little Splash,” a pleasant surprise awaited me: no more mud.

Single Wash or Membership?

Ok… So Big Splash is quick, friendly and thorough.

A single wash is great. If you’d like to wash your car more than once per month, however, a membership costs less than two individual washes.

“Our affordable memberships are so popular because people want to come back time and time again,” Cunningham said.

Two new locations opening soon: East Platte and Pueblo.

Facebook + Instagram: @bigsplashnorthacademy
Instagram: @bigsplashusa

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