Carden Conejo Educates Students to Shine

Exceptional educational options are a hallmark in the Conejo Valley. Finding the perfect school to nurture elementary school age students provides a solid foundation for their future endeavors. At Carden Conejo in Westlake Village, educators aim to help students thrive and embrace learning.

Q: How does Carden Conejo distinguish itself from other schools?

A: Carden Conejo is a school like no other. Inspired by the visionary Mae Carden, who recognized the importance of rigorous academics, public speaking, character development (manners and morals), the fine arts and problem-solving abilities as early as the 1930s, Carden offers an exceptional educational experience.

Our elementary school offers small class sizes and specialist teachers in each subject. We operate much like a high school with specialist teachers in Language Arts/Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Computer Studies and Technology, Music, Art and Art Appreciation, Foreign Language (French), and daily Sports classes.

The school community directly affects learning. Carden has cultivated a staff that is especially warm, supportive and professional. Parents are an integral part of the Carden community. We encourage open communication and work together to support student achievement. Carden students gain confidence as they tackle challenging work, knowing they have an entire community behind them.

Carden awakens both the analytical and creative aspects of the brain, nurturing balanced growth from preschool through fifth grade. The curriculum is designed so that each grade builds upon the strengths acquired in the previous year, ensuring a path of steady progress.

Academic support is offered to kindergarten through fifth grade students who require additional support. This consists of 30 minutes of free one-to-one or small group tutoring after school with our teachers.

Q: How does the curriculum at Carden prepare students for the challenges of the future?

A: Carden teaches students how to think, meet a challenge, work positively and relate well to others.

A focus on language arts cultivates in-depth reading and writing skills essential for effective communication. Foss Science promotes hands-on, inquiry-based learning and enhances critical thinking. At Carden, we have the privilege of unique partnerships, such as Disney Code Illusions and LEGO Engineering, which introduce students to the exciting world of coding, technology and hands-on engineering. Students develop problem-solving skills throughout the day that will equip them for future challenges.

Our curriculum places character development at its core, instilling manners and morals like kindness, empathy, integrity and personal responsibility, which are essential for cultivating future leaders. Engaging in class plays enhances creativity, teamwork and self-expression, while weekly assemblies promote public speaking, confidence and a strong sense of community.

Q: How does Carden integrate technology into the classroom and learning experience?

A: We've thoughtfully integrated technology into our students' education. Our computer lab features 20 advanced Dell computers, allowing exploration of the digital landscape. Starting in Kindergarten, students engage in weekly tech sessions, mastering essential skills. We are excited to introduce two new computer science curriculums, Disney Code Illusions, and Lego's Coding Express, that will bring extra excitement to tech exploration. SMART Board technology, including specialized Math and Science Labs, is incorporated in every classroom, enhancing interactive learning. Chromebooks and tablets offer diverse programs, including Rosetta Stone, for language learning and creative expression. Our goal is to support your children in a tech-driven world. We use technology with intention to meet a specific curriculum goal to save time.

Q: How does Carden nurture community among students, teachers and parents?

A: At Carden, fostering a tight-knit community is at the heart of what we do. We provide students, teachers and parents opportunities to unite, interact, collaborate and build meaningful connections. This commitment is demonstrated through school events like Fall Festival, Movie and Magic Nights, community service, performances, schoolwide playdates and weekly assemblies.

Q: How does Carden enrich student experiences outside the regular curriculum?

A: We're all about nurturing every aspect of your child's growth at Carden. In addition to our core academic programs, we've created a wonderful world of afterschool enrichment classes. These include the Performing Arts Club, the French Club, Arts and Crafts, Spanish lessons, Science explorations, LEGO building class, Edible Art Class and Karate. We also foster community engagement through initiatives like Community Service, our fifth grade Kinder Buddies program, and organize various exciting field trips throughout the year. We aim to ensure every child can explore their interests and have a well-rounded experience. It's all about helping them shine in various ways.

Q: How can prospective parents and students learn more or visit Carden?

A: We would love to tell you more about our special school! To learn more about Carden Conejo, visit or contact the office at 805.497.7005 to schedule a private tour.

Carden Conejo is located at 975 Evenstar Ave, in Westlake Village.

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