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So, you want to be an “Actor”, huh? First of all… Why? That’s right, we need to have a conversation. I can’t really give you advice on your acting career until we get on the same page as to what you really want. If you were considering being an actor, you are definitely going to want to hear this. But the truth is, I don’t really think you know what it is, and you DON’T want to be an actor. You probably suffer from “influencea”, or the desperate need to be an influencer. You probably think you want to be famous. Before I can give you advice on your acting career, we have to define what it means to be an “Actor”.

  First let me begin by saying that everyone is acting all the time, out of their best interest in mind. What it means to be an actor, the artists that play characters in stories, has to do entirely with commitment to preparation and to fearlessly being wrong. This is where human talent comes from, it comes from preparing a hell of a lot, and being absolutely fearless if you are wrong. Let me back up. Anyone can call themselves an actor, but there’s a few things that I think anyone calling themselves a “working actor” should be doing. 

Look, pall, yeah I am talking to the guys, mostly, you have to take classes, there’s just a lot you don’t know and that’s… okay! An actor’s training never really ends, much like any art. But as all artists, we have to study the craft and understand the business at the same time.  In business, the more prepared you are the more successful you’re going to be. So, taking classes then is your job. Take classes, and don’t get stuck with one acting coach until you have tried all the acting techniques out there. You will notice that a lot of it is the same and the special coaches will stick out. Because of the covid, the most important skill to master right now is the taped audition, taping the job interview of the character from your home.

Okay, besides taking classes forever and becoming a really bad ass actor that’s fearlessly wrong, here’s a rundown of what you need to really get going as an actor.

1.      High quality headshots!

Medium close up of your mug, that sweet, sweet mug of yours.

2.      A resume!

Yeah, there’s a resume template floating around for actors, weird. Get a job, hippie.

3.      Some clips!

Not those clips, video clips of your work to post online. Demo’s!

4.      Self-Tape capabilities!

             You really need to figure out what you’re going to do when you get an audition.

5.      Get on Casting Websites like Actors Access and Backstage. Find Auditions.

6.      Training! Did I mention you need to constantly be expanding?

I know what you’re asking, “What about an agent?!” Stop asking for an agent, you’re not ready! Just kidding, but seriously, you don’t start out needing an agent. You get an agent when you go out there and do your job, so that if you submitted to an agency they would see an amazing headshot, resume with stuff under your belt, clips of short films, and a professional presentation using online presence as well. This is the business of the actor. Wear deodorant when you show up in public and looks decent, no strong fragrances please, humans are allergic. Whew! Here’s the thing, if you want to act, don’t wait for Hollywood…become a filmmaker!

Go make movies, fearlessly. Be in the movies you make and meet other people that have the same vision. Be kind to other human beings and be creative at the same time. Become fascinated by the human condition and take care of the people you work with. That’s always decent career advice. Get a job, it is up to you. If you want to know more, reach out.