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Cabinetry takes it cues from bold patterned wallpaper

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2024 Home Design Trends

Say hello to color

Spring breezes bring a refreshing change, inviting us to revitalize our living spaces with the vibrant creativity that the warmer months inspire. The transition between seasons is more than a shift in temperature—it's an opportunity to infuse our homes with new life, new themes and a fresh perspective. From timeless classics to contemporary boldness, this year's interior design trends cater to a wide spectrum of individual styles.

One of the summer’s biggest trends is an intentional use of bolder color throughout the home, says Keith Rupp, owner of Residence Design Build. Trending colors this season include a wide variety, from bright pastels and neons to deep jewel tones, all depending on what the homeowner likes. Bold tones can be found in all rooms of the house, with pastels specifically seen as a fun pop of color in lighting and plumbing fixtures.

“People are tired of black and gray,” Rupp says. “There’s new jewel tones of greens and blues, but pastels are coming back.”

Wallpaper is also back in fashion, particularly where it ties into an overarching theme of those bold color trends, says Rupp. The use of fun, patterned wallpaper in powder rooms and half-baths is a design choice his team is seeing more frequently. You can create cohesion with the rest of the home by choosing one or two shades from your wallpaper and utilizing these shades as paint colors for walls or cabinetry.

If bold colors aren’t your thing, you have plenty of other options to refresh your home. Warm shades of off-whites, “new earth tones” and natural and light wood are all popular choices this summer if a more neutral palette suits your taste better.

One of the newest design trends addresses the familiar problem of keeping a kitchen spotless. A “dirty kitchen” (also known as a back kitchen, working butler’s pantry or modern scullery) allows your kitchen to remain spotless so you can prep messy-to-make meals behind the scenes. Similarly, walk-in “dirty pantries” provide a spot to prep outside of the main kitchen space and can be closed off to hide any mess. 

And on the subject of easy cleaning, “induction cooktops are taking over,” Rupp says. They're sleek. They're precise. And they can boil water in about half the time of a conventional stove.

Also, backsplashes are now extending far beyond the space between the cabinets. Extended tile backsplashes are very much on trend in both kitchens and bathrooms, especially with bold patterns. “What we’re seeing a lot now are large format tiles,” says Carifa Tile owner Joe Dismuke, whose business handles all aspects of bathroom remodels. “Those are extremely popular because it’s a lot less grout you have to deal with…which minimizes maintenance and [the risk of] grout failure.”

Dismuke suggests selecting your tile based not only on aesthetics, but on ease of maintenance. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in many patterns and are very easy to clean and maintain. Natural stone, however, is far more challenging. “As beautiful as it is, you have to seal it and reseal it, and be extremely careful with your cleaning products because you could easily destroy the face of that stone,” Dismuke says. “It isn’t ideal to put it inside of a shower."

If you're ready for a tile refresh, you will first need to assess its condition. Dismuke recommends keeping an eye on any lifting or creaking tiles to ensure the seal is intact and call a professional to take a look if you’re unsure.

Tips for reaching out to an installer when upgrading your tile.

Dismuke advises to "get a few different quotes," and when you talk to an installer, ask them these three questions: 

1. Ask about what type of warranty they offer. The state of Ohio requires a one-year warranty on tile installs. Carifa Tile provides a five-year warranty as well as an additional 10-15-year waterproofing warranty on shower systems. 

2. Ask specifically about what kinds of products they use in installation. You want to make sure your installer is using quality products and not gluing your tile onto plywood or cement board incorrectly. Carifa uses Schluter waterproofing products, but there are other good products, too. 

3. Ask how many tile projects like yours they've done in the last month or two. They should have done several. Tile is a specialty trade, and there are many contractors and handymen who do all kinds of projects, but you want to be sure they're experienced in tile installation. "It takes time to learn that skill, and it's not an easy process," Dismuke says.

  • Large format tile
  • Warm neutrals
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  • Cabinetry takes it cues from bold patterned wallpaper
  • On trend jewel toned blues and greens
  • Large format flooring
  • Large format tile baths
  • Bathroom remodel from Carifa Tile

“People are tired of black and gray...pastels are coming back.” -Keith Rupp, Residence Design Build 

“What we’re seeing a lot now are large format tiles." -Joe Dismuke, Carida Tile

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