Cassandra Bohne-Linnard's Artistic Metamorphosis

Witness the Beauty of Cassandra Bohne-L's Works of Art

Article by Cheyenne Leitch

Photography by Shannon Raske | Lunalux

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

The remarkable artist Cassandra Bohne-Linnard is the visionary behind Blue Butterfly Designs. Cassandra's artistic journey is an ode to passion, resilience, and an unyielding commitment to her craft. Her metamorphosis from a finance graduate to an acclaimed artist is a testament to her unwavering dedication.

Cassandra's artistic exploration began unexpectedly in her late teens. As she recalls, "I was born and raised in Houston, went to the University of Houston for a finance degree." However, destiny had a different plan for her. One day, an inexplicable urge to paint seized her, leading her to embark on an artistic journey that would redefine her life.

"I think I was around 18 or 19 and I just had the urge to paint…I just couldn't stop painting," she reminisces about that pivotal moment. Little did she know that this passion would eventually evolve into a distinctive artistry that melds the delicate beauty of butterflies with functional timepieces.

At the core of Cassandra's artistic repertoire are her breathtaking butterfly art pieces. What makes her creations truly unique is not just their aesthetic allure but also the sustainable ethos she upholds. Cassandra sources her butterflies ethically, ensuring that they have met their natural end before becoming an integral part of her art. As she passionately expresses, "I love getting rare and exotic butterfly species from all over the world…butterflies people here have never seen or would never see otherwise!"

Cassandra's dedication to her craft extends beyond her studio, as her art has found a home in prestigious venues such as the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Bisong Art Gallery, and Impulse Art Gallery. The intricate details and vibrant hues of her pieces captivate art enthusiasts and collectors alike, offering a glimpse into the delicate dance between nature and artistry.

Among her most notable creations are her patent pending clocks, each a functional masterpiece that has graced the auctions of renowned organizations like the Houston Grand Opera, Houston Museum of Natural Science, and The Alzheimer’s Association. "My clocks are patent pending, actually…no one else can replicate my clocks or I could sue them," she shares proudly.

The clock's patent will be a testament to Cassandra's innovative spirit, blending functionality with artistry in a way that ensures the longevity of her creations. "What I strive to do is to bring my butterflies to life and to bring them to life through my art, to resurrect in my work, in my clocks and my cloches. They're preserved and will last forever in this preserved state," she explains.

Cassandra's journey has been one of learning and evolution. Working with real butterflies presented unique challenges, and she embraced the opportunity to educate herself. "It was trial and error when I started working with the butterflies… I had to learn the hydration process, how to hydrate the butterflies, then how to spread the butterflies once they're ready to be spread."

Recently, Cassandra reached a significant milestone in her artistic career by signing a lease for a studio space at Silver Street Studios in Houston. This new chapter signifies not only a physical space for her creativity to flourish but also a recognition of her art's impact and significance within the artistic community.

Cassandra Bohne-Linnard's story is one of transformation, from a corporate world retiree to a pioneering artist whose work resonates with both critics and admirers. Through her art, she breathes life into butterflies, showcasing their beauty in a timeless form. As she continues to paint, innovate, and inspire, Cassandra Bohne-Linnard stands as a living testament to the power of following one's passion and embracing the unexpected turns that life may bring.

"I think I was around 18 or 19 and I just had the urge to paint…I just couldn't stop painting."

"What I strive to do is to bring my butterflies to life and to bring them to life through my art, to resurrect in my work, in my clocks and my cloches. They're preserved and will last forever in this preserved state"

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