The Perfect Guest Space for Hosting

An interior designer's heart for creating an approachable, organic and refined space for hosting.

Article by Cassandra Green

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Originally published in Parker City Lifestyle

At a time where quiet luxury is the key to comfort, Molly Coyne, the owner and founder of MC Design Interiors knows how to make a room feel approachable, organic and refined while holding true to complete livability. If you’re getting ready to host gatherings for the holidays, MC Design Interiors has recommendations to create a welcoming and organic environment for your guests. Their trusted team approaches design with intentionality as well as effortless refinement. They have an eye for casual elegance and a heart for hosting and connection.

A mom first and designer second, Molly has always had a passion for interior design. With a background in commercial construction, she knows what goes into a project. Her passion for interior design is found in the language of both expression and functionality. Different designs can evoke unique emotions and influence how you function on a daily basis.

“Molly really does take time to learn about her clients and learn about their lifestyle,” Kim O'Donnell, the marketing manager at MC Design Interiors says. The team at MC Design Interiors cares about their clients and are always honored to be invited into each home and story. 

When hosting, Molly finds it important to create a space that is welcoming, intentional and organic. While referring to leveling up a room, Molly thinks of paint first. “Paint really sets the tone within a space. A new paint job can work wonders in making a space feel brighter and more open and welcoming.”

Molly refers to a wall they painted in a dining room that was used quite often for hosting. Originally the wall was accented black. Molly wanted them to embrace that feeling while infusing natural elements to the space. They used a lime wash that brought a chalky depth and warmth to the gathering room. They also used a light fixture made of real shells and different textures of wood throughout to play with natural tones and texture.

For the advantage of working with what you have, she suggests mixing and matching woods. She states, “you don’t have to overthink it. Mixing and matching all types of metals and woods can oftentimes be what brings it all together.” Use what you have and approachability will come naturally.

Approachability is key to hosting. Molly comes from the San Francisco Bay area, and she finds an approachability to a room when greenery, faux or real flowers, pompous grasses, eucalyptus and even bay leaves are added.

“Coming from California and having been outside so much I realized that there's such a mental transformation that can happen from incorporating more nature into your life. I think that has really bled into my interior design style,” she shares.

The key to these natural elements is to combine them with pottery and stoneware. “It’s really big right now, putting branches that look like you cut them out of a tree into a big earthenware pot,” Molly emphasizes.

Molly and her team enjoy creating spaces for people that feel like it was curated just for them. Having an understated approach with color and bold clarity to combine all sorts of tones, natural elements and textures create a casual elegance in any room.

When hosting it’s important to be intentional and create space for organic interactions. Set up areas so that people can interact easily with one another. Make sure chairs are facing the sofa or have swivel stools around your kitchen island so that people can easily turn and talk to each other. Consider traffic flow so that it’s easy to get from one room to the next, from indoors to outdoors, etc. It’s about both design and functionality.

“You want people to feel like you put thought into welcoming them into your home. It’s important to make them feel thought of, cared for and curate a space that feels elegant yet approachable,” Molly mentions.

Whether you’re looking to have formal dinner gatherings or more informal get togethers, there are plenty of options to create an inviting space for your guests. Express your hosting style in a way that is both unique to you and inviting to your guests. Mix and match and let all the elements play off each other. Be sure to enjoy every moment of planning just as much as the event itself.

MC Design Interiors provides residential remodeling, specifications for ground-up new builds, and full furnishings. They also offer smaller design packages for those in need of more specific guidance for a portion of a project. They call these options their petite service. Bring inquiry to their website at

The Details

Natural elements make this upscale room feel that much more approachable.

Woven wood detailing in the chairs bring warmth and texture.

The marble table top is both classic and timeless.

Arched cabinet for a more surprising element.

Added whimsy in the detailing of the flower-layered rattan light fixture.

A hosting space that is both whimsical and refined.

“It’s important to make [your guests] feel thought of, cared for and curate a space that feels elegant yet approachable."

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