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Cat In a Hammock:

Creating Backyards for Living & Dreaming

Imagine having your dream backyard with an outdoor kitchen under a beautiful cabana—along with a fireplace, pool with a water slide, paver stone deck and a cozy outdoor living room.

This is just one example of luxury at its finest provided by Cat In A Hammock, a landscape and outdoor living construction company run by Kristina and Allen Jones. The couple’s mission is to design and build beautiful outdoor living spaces that are an expression of the homeowners’ desire.

“Just as every family is unique, each design that we do is unique,” says Kristina, principal designer, whose husband works as the company’s design engineer.

“We go through a ‘discovery interview’ process where we get to understand the needs and wants of a family,” she continues. For instance, “some families have young children, some families have children who are in college, other folks are retired, and this is their empty nest to enjoy and entertain their friends and play with grandchildren.”

Because every family is different, “we design spaces that satisfy their needs and provide an enhanced experience of their wants. You don’t need a fire pit, but it is a delight to sit around after dinner with friends and chat for hours. People love connecting with other people and having meaningful conversations. A beautiful and cozy environment enhances that experience.”

They provide a range of offerings, including masonry, landscaping, fire pit installation, irrigation, outdoor lighting and pergolas. When clients select the design features they desire, they are provided with a three-dimensional design that shows exactly what their property is going to look like.

“Our most popular service is backyard remodels,” says Kristina, adding that a common request is to add a swimming pool and spa in the backyard along with a lounge area and water feature. “Our suppliers always roll out new materials and we’re excited to bring that to our clients when designing and selecting materials.”

Cat In A Hammock is especially unique because “we offer full turn-key construction solutions, which include design and material selection, architectural and engineering drawings, pulling permits, and getting HOA approval, material purchasing, construction, inspections, project management—and all done with a personal and caring touch.”

The passion behind Kristina and Allen Jones’ vocation is based on their backgrounds. Kristina’s love for homes and architectural design sparked when she was a teenager, laying tile with her stepdad, painting all the rooms at her parents’ house and planting flowers in their front yard.

Her husband is “a rare species of people who can make the impossible possible. Not only is he an engineering genius but he’s also a delight to be around… Allen brings his engineering expertise to structurally complex projects. He makes it easier for our craftsmen to do their best work by providing clear architectural drawings and construction oversight.”

Additionally, “my husband is from New Zealand and I’m from Russia, so we have a European feel to our designs—it comes out in things that we find beautiful.”

Since Cat In A Hammock opened, Kristina is often asked about the name of the company.

“If I close my eyes and think of a cat, I imagine it stretching out in the sun by a window or under a large plant, roaming around the house like it owns the place and enjoying life carefree,” she explains. “When I think of a hammock, I see a shady spot under a tree, peacefully swaying in a hammock, maybe taking a nap and simply relaxing. If I combine both a cat and a hammock—ah, life is good!And it’s exactly what one might do in the backyard—enjoy and relax.”

Above all, “our mission is to connect people with nature and bring joy to families and neighborhoods,” Kristina adds. “We do that by providing beautifully designed, stylish, functional and quality-built outdoor living spaces.”

Cat In a Hammock is located at 275 E Hillcrest Drive, Suite 160-237, Thousand Oaks. For more information, call 805.263.4200, or visit