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Catalina - Artist With Style

Johns Creek resident finds her voice through mentorship and opportunity

Every day is an adventure for Catalina Gomez Beuth of Johns Creek. The world is full of colors, emotions, experiences, controversy, heartache, and joy. Catalina notices it all. She doesn’t just “see” things. In peaceful moments of intention when her breath slows down, she “observes” what is around her, she absorbs the moment she is living. Then in a deeply empathetic way gets curious about how to capture her observations on a canvas. The becoming of this canvas turns into arrival when it is the soft start of a conversation that could develop deep roots, a solid trunk, and branches that spread far and wide connecting people and community.

Catalina has always painted, but only in the last eight years has she turned it into her soul’s work. Leslie Murphy of Johns Creek Art Center provided Catalina some initial guidance and under Leslie’s encouragement, Catalina began submitting work to exhibitions hosted by JCAC. She then solicited help from Duluth artist, Larry Smith, who guided her to create vivid color palates further igniting her passion for oil painting. As Catalina gained momentum it was her husband who insisted she pursue her dream. Since that moment, Catalina’s home has become a living and breathing gallery of works in various stages of becoming, delighting her family and visitors in the constant creation and birth of artwork.

Influenced by life stage, current events, and experiences, Catalina acknowledges that both fear and admiration are part of the inspiration for her musings. Interestingly whatever painting she is working on becomes her favorite. While she continues to evolve as an artist introducing sculptures and installations to her pieces, her consistent style involves vibrant backgrounds, expressive hands, and neutral color skin; a place for one’s eyes to rest. In doing so, Catalina’s hope is that the beholder connects with the subject’s expression, becomes vulnerable in relating to that expression, and senses the piece from a heart-centered place. Catalina aspires for her art to create opportunities to feel both good and hard things, that it gives the viewer permission to remember, consider, and dream. Catalina believes all of her work to speak its own language and grows alongside its owner. She aspires for her paintings to create a life within their spaces, that complements one’s soul.

When Catalina isn’t painting, she’s observing, moving, and living in the art of the world adding her own brushstrokes of beauty to Johns Creek. On any given night of the week, Catalina hosts painting cohorts that share her inspirational space, laugh, learn, and create synergistically. She dreams of art being valued as a universal language cultivating conversation and hopes for her work and that of others to be showcased in more public places for community exploration.

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