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Catching Up With Caroline Reilly

Post “The Voice” and with a new single out now

Caroline Reilly grew up around music. The Cumming native started guitar at 13, became a professional singer at 14 and at 16 she found herself on national television, as a contestant on "The Voice."

At the final auditions in Los Angeles in front of Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and millions of viewers, Caroline sang “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane.

Caroline recounts, “I was the very last person to audition. The other judges had already filled their teams. Gwen had one spot left. I didn’t know how it was going to go, so I just went all out. When Gwen turned around to have me on her team, it was the best day of my life!”

“Gwen gave a lot of great advice. She said, ‘It’s not always easy. The music business is very male-dominated and that can be difficult, but there are plenty of strong women out there who you can look to for support.’”

Caroline’s musical heroes and inspirations are women who have forged ahead in the business before her. She cites Joan Jett and Paramour’s Hayley Williams as influences. “Joan Jett had to fight a lot of battles. It was harder then. We have so much more freedom now. We can do any genre of music we want and there is so much more support. And Hayley’s voice is spectacular. She has her own style and writes powerful music. She’s also branched out and started her own cruelty-free hair dye company.”

Stacy Conde: Tell us more about your music – what is your writing and recording process?

Caroline Reilly: I like to channel my emotions. I think about what has happened in the past…and I use those memories and feelings. I start with a chord progression on guitar or piano. I usually record first on my phone and then layer melodies and lyrics on top.

SC: Who are your collaborators?

CR: Brandon Black is my producer. He’s worked with some incredible people like Kanye and Missy Elliot. I couldn’t do anything without him. He’s amazing. We work together at Kreative Villians in Beaufort.

SC: Are there other aspirations you have for your musical talent in addition to your recording career?

CR: I love to teach and I love giving back. I’ve thought about this a lot. I’ve established my look and my brand, but then I think, “What am I about?” It’s more than just writing and performing. I want to be able to help other young people, particularly girls, find their way.

Find her new single, “Meant to Be” wherever you stream music.

  • "I do private voice and guitar lessons for anyone who wants them. My eleven-year-old sister has a band. I mentor them once a week."