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Break out and breathe deep with looks to put you in a whole new mindset. 

Joyful hues and prints. This spring, it’s all about finding colors and fabrics that just make you feel good. Think fruit-colored stripes, vivid watercolors, out-of-the-box checkerboard patterns and tropical-themed florals. Don’t be afraid to embrace sorbet shades like bubblegum pink, lilac and mint, or even citrusy lemon and lime.

Sculptural shoulders. Embrace tops, dresses and suits with dramatic volume, whether it’s at the shoulder or sleeve, and you’ll be projecting confidence in no time. And we do mean dramatic, from shoulder pads straight out of “Dynasty” to balloon sleeves that billow in the breeze.

Stay comfortable. When it comes to dresses, denim and separates, don’t be afraid to reach for relaxed fits and easy silhouettes. Flowing day dresses, relaxed-fit jeans and even slipper-inspired slides are stepping outside into warmer weather. 

Novelty knitwear. You can still keep wearing the comfy loungewear you’ve become addicted to – just elevate it. Chunky or sleek, bright or metallic, textural knits in luxurious fabrics and blends let you make a statement with simple tops, structural cardigans, draped dresses and even stylish sweats.

Natural elements. Spring is calling us back outside, with a range of earth tones in a foundational neutral palette that evokes chai lattes and drifting desert sands. You’ll find inspiration in handbags and accessories, too, with natural materials like bamboo, wood, straw and raffia in architectural shapes.

Bold footwear. Here’s where you make your statement this spring. Reach for styles with metal and chains, rhinestone straps and pearl buckles. No need to go straight from slippers to stilettos, either: Make attention-getting platform sandals and wedges your spring and summer go-to pairs.

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