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Whether it’s for a special event or it’s simply a regular day that’s feeling special, you deserve to celebrate with a fresh, new hairstyle that will give that pop and zing to your look. A quick trip to hair salons in Tulsa should do the trick just right, especially if you have the right stylist helping you out. 

Even if you’re not all too familiar with Tulsa, you can rest assured that there are more than enough options you can turn to for your hairstyling needs. There’s Angles Hair Salon for example, as well as Knockouts Hair Salon, and Mather Hair Salon to name a few. 

These establishments, as well as the others, do provide a wide variety of hair styling options, from hair cut, color, braids, to hair extensions.

Sometimes you don’t really know what style you want--all you know is that you want to change it up. In that case, it would be good if you can go to a trustworthy stylist who can give you good recommendations about what style would suit you best and make you feel good about yourself.

Hair Salons in Tulsa

For your beauty needs, you can make your way downtown for some good hair salons in Tulsa. Feel free to make your way to other areas too, like South Tulsa hair salons. In case you’re still just scoping the area out, you can be more efficient with your method by checking out the salon’s social media account. 

Most establishments nowadays know how to build an online presence, making them more easily accessible for clients like yourself. What’s good about this is that you can check out their portfolio and take a closer look at the pictures or videos of their work. 

The other benefit is that you can see the reviews and ratings of other clients on their social media accounts. From there, you can already have an idea if this company is a good one and is someone that you would want to entrust your hair care to.

Natural Hair Salons

If you would rather keep your hair in its natural state, then you should get maintenance care from natural hair salons. Just because it's natural doesn't mean you wouldn't need to exert some effort in giving it care.

On the contrary, natural hair does tend to take a lot of effort, particularly when it's being prepared to look as naturally as possible. 

Fortunately, there are a good number of options for this type of salon in Tulsa. On E 15th St alone, there are already more than a couple of establishments you can check out, such as 360 Style Hair and Design Studio and Raw Elements Salon. 

Black Hair Salons

As you may very well know, African American hair can be really finicky and a real challenge to work with. It’s great to style, but it takes a whole lot of work and technical know-how. So if you have African American or Dominican hair, you’re better off heading to black hair salons straightaway. 

Don’t risk your time, effort, and money going to establishments that are not well-versed in the needs of this type of hair. Too many times it’s happened that trust is wrongly placed upon a stylist who claims to know how to handle this type of hair, but actually does not. 

That’s why it’s important to check out their portfolio first. Check the capabilities of the stylist that you’re looking to try out. If it works out well, then you now have someone that could possibly be your go-to stylist, and build that trust and relationship from then on. 

Curly Hair Salons

Curly hair needs more than the basic wash and blow dry. It’s a very temperamental type of hair that can behave on a good day and bring compliments all day long. But then again, just as quickly, it can turn its mood around and start frizzing up, making a chaotic nestful of hair. 

If you’re having a particularly difficult time trying to tame your curly hair, no matter the product you apply, it’s probably time for you to go to curly hair salons. There, you can find pros who can give you pro tips on how to maintain your curly hair. 

On the other hand, if you’d like to achieve curly hair, these curly hair salons can help you achieve your desired effect. They can also provide you with the best products you’ll need for the maintenance of your new curly, crowning glory.

Hair Braiding Salons

Hair braiding salons can be considered an essential for those with natural African American hair. Not only is it a highly stylish look, it also makes the hair even more easy to maintain. For those who have had to live with the difficulty of brushing and styling and just keeping their hair maintained, to have hair suddenly behave in rows of braids is nothing short of good news. 

You’d want your braids to be done properly but not so tight that your scalp would tear. You do need it tight though, so that it doesn’t lose the braid, resulting in a hairy mess. Again, you’d want this kind of work to be done by a skilled professional. 

If you need any hairstyling needs in Tulsa, feel free to look around and explore your options. From Main to South, there are prime picks for you to choose from.

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