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Karen Spidare


Article by City Lifestyle Bridgewater

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Karen Spidare is more than just a business owner; she's passionate about creating a wonderful community for the members of Club Pilates Bridgewater. Married to her life and business partner, Todd, Karen balances her professional life with her role as a mother to three children - Joyce, Thomas, and Noah - and as a caretaker for her beloved pup, Hudson. Residing in Ringoes, NJ, Karen's journey with Club Pilates began over six years ago, driven by her belief in the brand's mission to make regular Pilates practice accessible to everyone and to have the studios be a warm and welcoming space where everyone is encouraged on their movement journey.

Club Pilates Bridgewater, located in the Chimney Rock Crossing in Bound Brook, NJ, is a testament to Karen's dedication to her community and her passion for Pilates. When asked about her motivation, Karen explains, "We wanted to be a positive part of our community." This goal is evident in every aspect of her studio's operation.

A key piece of advice that Karen shares for success is, "Focus on building a great team around you. You can't do it alone!" This philosophy has led to the creation of a vibrant, thriving team at Club Pilates Bridgewater, where members share a love for Pilates and a commitment to their fitness goals. Stanley is a perfect example of Karen’s motivation to develop talent from within her team. Arienne was employee number one at Club Pilates Bridgewater, hired as a part-time front desk associate before the studio even officially opened its doors. Immediately, Adrienne showed not only a huge passion for Pilates but also an aptitude for instruction – after all, she was a preschool teacher at the time! Karen supported Adrienne’s completion of teacher training, earning her Pilates certification and today, with over 5 years on the team, Adrienne is the full-time Lead Instructor for all 4 of Karen’s studios.

Karen's personal life reflects her dedication to movement and health. She incorporates movement into her everyday routine, whether it's parking at the far end of the lot, working at her treadmill desk, or practicing Pilates at least three times a week. This integration of fitness into daily life not only sets a personal example but also resonates with her clientele.

What sets Club Pilates Bridgewater apart under Karen's leadership is the personalized approach to fitness. "We are fitness therapists," Karen says, highlighting the studio's commitment to helping members achieve their individual goals. This approach combines creativity and freedom, allowing Karen to build something truly special in Bridgewater. A week doesn't go by when a member doesn't share what a positive impact their regular Pilates practice has had on their life: from making their aches and pains before of daily living feel better after class to how the accountability of coming to a class they have scheduled keeps them committed to staying active.

Reflecting on her journey, Karen acknowledges the challenges she's faced, from navigating the turbulent waters of COVID-19 to managing employee turnover. Her resilience and hard work shine through as she notes, "You can get through anything if you work hard enough and don't give up." It's this blend of perseverance and fair-mindedness that has helped Karen balance the financial and human aspects of running a business.

When not at the studio, Karen enjoys a well-rounded life filled with reading, napping, hiking, and indulging in great food. Her enthusiasm for Pilates is infectious, as she passionately believes in its power to transform lives. "Pilates is really an amazing movement that helps you find your power and get your body moving and trained for life," Karen remarks. Her goal? To have everyone fall in love with Pilates just as she has.

Karen Spidare is more than just the owner of Club Pilates Bridgewater; she's a role model, a community leader, and an embodiment of the power of dedication and passion. Her story is one of resilience, commitment, and the belief that with enough hard work, anything is possible. Whether you're a seasoned Pilates enthusiast or just beginning your fitness journey, Karen and her team at Club Pilates Bridgewater are ready to welcome you with open arms and guide you toward discovering your own power through Pilates.

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