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Hair salons are more than just about cuts and color. The variety of hair salons in Philadelphia offer everything from spa treatments to specialized care for natural hair.

The decision about which hair salon is best for you comes down to what treatments you're looking for and whether the salon offers a stylist who can meet your needs. 

It's an important decision, one you should make carefully. Think about things like personality, reputation, convenience, cost and location. How does the salon measure up to what you need?? Are you looking for something simple and convenient? Are you on a limited budget and don't want to choose between groceries and a stylist?

Your stylist could be the most important decision you'll make when choosing a salon. More than any other factor, a good stylist might be important enough to compromise on other considerations, like location, price and comfort.

Your stylist must understand what you want, how to handle your hair, how to communicate with you and what your comfort level is for new styles. It is all about trust.

There are many choices of hair salons for you to consider, no matter what type of hair you have or what services you are seeking.

Convenience of Hair Salons in Philadelphia

You shouldn't have to travel far for beauty. There are plenty of options for hair salons in Philadelphia within a reasonable distance from your work or your home. If you work downtown in Center City with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall nearby, there are nearly a dozen hair salons close by you can escape to during a lunch break. 

Throughout the area, from Hot Waves Hair Salon in south Philadelphia to Melrose Park, there are several dozen different hair salons available to serve you.

Choosing Among Black Hair Salons 

Not everyone's hair is the same and not every stylist knows how to work with every hair type. For African American hair, it's best to consider Black hair salons that have experience working with your specific style and hair type, including Dominican hair.

Some salons say they offer stylists who work with Black women's hair, but it might be best to consider the salons that focus exclusively on your hair type, at least until you find a stylist who has a proven ability to give you what you want.

Growth in Natural Hair Salons

As more people shift to more natural products and hair treatments, natural hair salons have become more common. Places like Duafe Hair Salon specialize in styling natural hair and counseling clients on the best care products to use. 

These salons don't offer harsh hair coloring chemicals or perms or relaxers. They're all about enhancing the natural beauty of hair without the use of potentially dangerous and damaging products.

Curly Hair Salons: Find an Expert

It's important to be comfortable with your hair salon and the stylist you trust with your hair. If your hair is wavy or curly, you'll need a different treatment than a client with straight, thin hair. That's why deciding among curly hair salons is so important.

Check out the social media accounts of the hair salon and stylist you're considering to see if they promote cuts or styles with others who share your curly hair type. It's not enough to make your decision based on a friend's recommendation. Look at how the stylist worked on someone who has similar hair to yours to determine if the salon is a good fit.

Discovering the Top Hair Braiding Salons

More women are making a memorable statement with their hair by choosing braids, and that requires a stylist who can handle the challenge. For those special skills, there are hair braiding salons that can help you.

Whether using your own hair or hair extensions, there are many choices for you to make when considering braids, including different types, twists and length. But make sure your stylist has a good reputation. A bad choice of stylist can cause damage, even bald patches.

Making the Right Choice 

If all you want is a simple, quick trim, you may want to consider the convenience of a walk-in salon. Many of these salons offer affordable cuts and serve clients who walk right in.

But be aware, some salons advertise "walk-ins welcome," but actually make you wait quite a while before serving you. If you're likely to need walk-in service more in the future, ask the salon what days and hours are the least busy to determine when you're most likely going to be quickly served.

As you consider your decision, visit the hair salon and stylist before you schedule an appointment for any treatments. Check out their social media for photos of other clients.

Talk to others who use the salon. It may seem overwhelming when you consider all the factors involved in choosing the right hair salon and stylist for you. But it's an important choice. And if you carefully consider your options, in the end you'll be happy you gave it so much thought.  

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