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Celebrate Every Day

Korman co-owner Kat Stokes shares how to find the perfect diamond to celebrate life’s milestones

Cushion, emerald, radiant and round, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect ring to celebrate an engagement, milestone anniversary or vow renewal. A tradition dating as far back as ancient Rome, there’s no better gift to commemorate a milestone than one you can wear as a constant reminder. 

When it comes to diamond rings, oftentimes people think they know exactly what they want. Maybe it’s the brilliant round diamond they’ve dreamed of since they were younger, or the solitaire style they’ve had their hearts set on. Once they begin to try on the endless possibilities of different shapes and styles at Korman, it’s not uncommon that their vision may change. With the clarity that comes with physically trying on a variety of options, it’s no wonder why couples choosing a ring together has become so common, and we’re onboard! At the least, we suggest shopping with a close friend or relative of your partner-to-be. 

Tip: When shopping for an engagement ring, don’t limit yourself to what you think you want…And, make the proposal a surprise, not the ring!

Knowing your Diamond

When choosing a diamond, it’s important to know where your stone comes from. For this reason, my husband Larry Stokes and I traveled to Africa to see first-hand the journey of a Namibian Korman diamond. Dividing South Africa and Namibia, The Orange River is the source of many of the diamonds you see at Korman, where millions of diamonds are nestled in the twists and turns of the old river path.

Today, Namibia mines 70 percent of their diamonds here, with mining being the country’s leading economic sector contributing to 10 percent of the country’s GDP.  On board Namibia’s newest mining vessel, the Benguela Gem, we watched as thousands of rough diamonds were gathered from the ocean floor and transported into a sorting processor. After sorting through non-diamond remains, the diamonds are run through a fluorescent machine before being transported via helicopter to the Namibian Diamond Trading Center. Here, the diamonds are weighed and sorted by varying color grades before being distributed out to 11 sight holders each month, including Korman’s partner, Grandview Klein. With access to the best rough diamonds in the world, Grandview Klein transforms from what looks like a pebble into the perfectly cut stone on your finger. Master diamond cutters analyze each stone carefully to maximize its weight and brilliance before precisely cutting the diamond. For every 100 carats of rough, about 40-50 carats are yielded in gem-quality stones. After cutting, experts polish the diamonds and test for precision in all aspects. 

Celebrating Every Day

We’ve all heard the saying that a diamond is forever. That’s part of what makes it such a perfect way to celebrate any occasion. At Korman, we hear client’s stories and pair them with the perfect diamond for their celebration. Whether it be an engagement, milestone anniversary, push present, or even a self-purchase, we love helping clients find something they will wear as a constant reminder of their special memory. We’re ready to help you find that perfect piece when it’s time for a new milestone, upgrade, or change of style! 

Text or call 512-451-9292 to book your diamond appointment. Find Korman at and on Instagram at @kormanfinejewelry.