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Celebrating 100 Years with Overhead Door Company of Aiken/Augusta

Learn the history of the Overhead Door Company and meet the family behind the Aiken/Augusta location

Article by Michelle Tordoff

Photography by Danielle Franklin

Originally published in Aiken City Lifestyle

“Overhead Door Corporation was founded in 1921 by C.J. Johnson, the inventor of the garage door,” according to Abbie Baumann, employed family member of the Augusta office.  Jack Sheppard, her great uncle, began his garage door business in 1975 working hard out of his truck to make a business that would support his family.  He became an authorized distributor of Overhead Door Corporation in 1980 after being approached by the company which he gladly accepted. 

Jack’s business beginnings were small, but now it is a family business that employs eleven members of the Sheppard family and 14 others who became family through the business. They not only deal in commercial and residential garage doors, but they also have dealt in fireplaces for the last 40 years.  In fact, Jack’s son Billy is the Fireplace Manager while his son Tommy is the gate manager. His wife, Susan, works daily invoicing the day-to-day jobs. Jack’s nephews Mike Garrett is the Commercial Manager, and Steve Garrett is the Residential Manager. The second and third generation began working after school for Jack’s company in their teens. His sister, Jimmie Ruth Garrett, has worked since his humble beginnings as his bookkeeper and still shows up daily to work at 79 years young. It wasn’t until 2015 when the third generation began their work at Overhead Door Corporation. The third generation would include Billy’s son’s Tyler, who is now learning to handle commercial job bids and installation, and Grayson, who followed Billy’s footsteps installing fireplaces.  His employed grandson Mason, son of Tommy, just graduated high school.  His great niece, Abbie Baumann (daughter of Mike), who shared all the history of the business with City Lifestyle Aiken, also works for the company doing residential bidding, sales and marketing. That means eleven family members show up to work regularly.  Jack even comes in daily at 74 years of age to oversee the workings of the business, and he continues to help do installations on larger projects. 

According to Abbie, they are a family oriented, honest, and reliable company that stands behind their work. If there are problems, they work hard to make things right and won’t disappear like other businesses until the customer is satisfied. They believe deeply in family and a strong work ethic. They want to impart that integrity to their customers whether they are the large commercial job or the small residential buyer with garage door needs. They will service all makes and models of garage doors and openers not just the products they sell. Locally owned Overhead Door Company of Augusta/Aiken knows garage doors and has 100 years of experience and a great reputation to back them up.  Congratulations Jack Sheppard and the Overhead Door family!

The City Lifestyle Aiken Team would like to wish the Overhead Door Company a Happy 100th Anniversary. Overhead Door Company of Augusta/Aiken can be found at 1529 Crescent Dr, Augusta, GA 30909. They are open Monday through Friday from 7am to 5:30pm. If you are interested in having Overhead Door in your home, make sure to stop by and check out their showroom. They have plenty of options for what you need! Call them today at 706-736-8478.

  • Provided by Overhead Door Company
  • Provided by Overhead Door Company