Celebrating 30 Years of AlfredHouse

Dr. Veena Alfred sets the standard for premium eldercare throughout Potomac and Montgomery County communities.

How do you create outstanding care for the elderly? “By listening, feeling their pain, and empathizing with one person at a time.” That has been the philosophy of Dr. Veena Alfred for more than 30 years. After earning her Ph.D. from the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur, India, Alfred immigrated to the United States with an inherent desire to help people. Starting with nothing, she founded and continues to manage an Eldercare Program that includes 10 boutique homes and currently serves more than 130 families in Montgomery County. She accomplished this by adhering to her deeply held values of love and respect for elders. Her version of care is rooted in childhood memories of her grandparents and the lifelong family bonds she forged with them. 

Each of AlfredHouse Eldercare's 10 boutique assisted-living facilities specializes in providing the very best in senior cognitive care within a home-like environment.  Experienced and certified staff focus on providing residents with quality care through dignified living and meaningful experiences. AlfredHouse offers a home away from home, where each resident is cared for with the utmost attention. 

Personalized care is at the forefront of every AlfredHouse experience. The staff focuses on providing care while supporting and encouraging independence. For all levels of care, residents benefit from a 1:4 caregiver to resident ratio. AlfredHouse boutique Assisted Living, is clinically supported by specialists who provide services that are tailored specifically to the needs of each resident. For Memory Care, individual care plans and services are centered in a safe and stimulating home environment that is BCAT certified. For Respite Care, AlfredHouse has developed “Return Home Stronger,” a specialized short stay program to assist seniors leaving nursing homes, rehab facilities, and/or hospitals to return home stronger and safer. Additionally, each AlfredHouse features on-site specialized therapies, emotional and behavioral support, mobility care, meal planning, licensed dietitians, medication management, and hospice care. 

While quality care is the standard at each home, AlfredHouse is able to offer a home for every budget with its 10 facilities ranging in price. “At AlfredHouse we understand the challenges of budgeting for long-term care, which is why our costs are tailored to each family's specific financial requirements,” Dr. Alfred explains. Within the 10 offerings, you’ll find homes with 6 to 34 residents, quiet versus active, assisted living versus memory care.

To learn more or to take a tour of these homes, contact AlfredHouse at AlfredHouse.com.

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