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Celebrating Baseball's Return

With new ownership, the Fort Collins Foxes are the hottest ticket in town this summer

If there's one song every American knows, it's the classic tune about buying peanuts and crackerjacks. America's pastime is making a triumphant return to Fort Collins after a year-long hiatus with the Fort Collins Foxes, a collegiate summer baseball team participating in the Rocky Mountain Baseball League. With new ownership and a revitalized passion, the FoCo Foxes are on a mission to fill the stands with Fort Collins families – fostering connections across generations through the timeless tradition of baseball.

With a lifelong passion for baseball, seasoned entrepreneur Preston Munsch jumped at the chance to become the new owner of the FoCo Foxes with his father. “My dad and I have been passionate baseball fans our whole lives, so when the opportunity came to purchase the Foxes it was a great way to combine our passion for baseball and business into one,” explains Munsch. 

With passion at the helm and business savvy in Munsch’s back pocket, the Foxes are striving to engage the Fort Collins community every step of the way. “Our long-term goal is to make the Foxes a much-anticipated summer event in our community. When you create that type of buzz, you start getting buy-in from local businesses, community leaders, and, of course, citizens of Fort Collins. While doing that, you must never lose focus of who you are and your core values. We have been fortunate to build a number of successful businesses and they all have been built on a foundation of values,” he explains.

This year feels like a fresh start for the team. Despite the Foxes' rich history in Fort Collins, they took a hiatus in 2023. With new ownership and a completely revamped coaching staff, the team has returned, revitalized and ready for a new beginning. “Our goal for the first year is to be a very competitive team but even more important, be a positive impact to the community. We focused very hard on recruiting good college baseball players but more importantly, great kids! We want our players to be engaged with the community and create an atmosphere where the community is excited to have the kids back next summer,” Munsch tells us about his goals for his first year with the team. 

As for the players, being a part of the Foxes is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Munsch hopes to create a “community within a community” not just for the team itself, but all that baseball encompasses – including the fans. The camaraderie between the players and the fans is something that will continue to grow as the new team members get settled into their new community. Munsch is confident in the team's skills and can’t wait to celebrate the players when they make it into the big league and remains dedicated to supporting the team members as they progress in their baseball careers.

Bringing in the community was an important step in the new approach. “We have been able to connect with local businesses who we already had a relationship with to create wonderful partnerships.  We also have leveraged this opportunity to connect with new business leaders in the community which has been exciting,” says Munsch. From food trucks and live music, this is truly a Fort Collins experience. Special events at the ballpark this season promise fun for the whole family. Enjoy $2 dog nights, live concerts after the game, and the introduction of a new Foxes mascot. Savor a Foxes-inspired ice cream from local favorite Walrus Ice Cream, and experience a touch of nostalgia with Cracker Jacks tossed into the crowd during the seventh-inning stretch.

This summer, create a new family tradition by supporting the FoCo Foxes at City Park. Enjoy the thrill of live baseball, make lasting memories, and cheer on our local team all the way through to the NBC World Championships in Wichita, Kansas, where winners have been crowned since 1935. 

  • Left to right: Assistant Coach Matthew Mitchell,  Head Coach Joseph Bergen, Assistant Head Coach Chaz Lopez
  • Jimmy Wright
  • Elijah Enyon
  • Cole Bart’s
  • Vinny Angle
  • JJ Fontana
  • JJ Fontana
  • Dylan Whiteman
  • Vinny Angle